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Random Crashing

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Ever since the most recent update of Squad my game randomly crashes, usually soon after loading, however, it sometimes does during gameplay as well if it lets me get that far. My hardware is capable of running the game and had little to no issues in that regard until recently.
System Specs:
AMD FX-8350

GTX 970



The crash report can be seen here:


Also after it crashes my screen goes black and windows states that it blocked Squad from accessing my Graphics hardware. This made me think that simply it was a driver issue so I updated my drivers but to no avail. This issue only happens with this game, but I really like playing it so some input as to why this is happening would be great. I have also tried clear cache, reinstalling anti-cheat, and verifying game cache on Steam.

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Hmm.... The log files have some leads that I will help you on this run but will prob ask you again in the long run(let's hope it doesn't take long time to address your issue) 

A. Are your CPU/GPU overclocked? ; Go ahead and default them if they are... Even if they work fine on different games, Might not for Squad... 
B. Go ahead and use Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU for short) to wipe your 970 driver from your system and download the latest driver again. 

C. Check the physical state of your PC. 

  1. Is the air flowing alright? 
  2. No dust on the vent or on GPU?
  3. What's the temperature of your PC while in full load?

I ask for C.3 because if it is over-heating; it might be throttling and thus cause the GPU to go all janky. 


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After doing some benchmarks I have confirmed it is not a throttling or overheating issue. I have tried using the Display Driver Uninstaller and will do some testing over the next few days to see if it resolves the problem.

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