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[WIP] Sumari Bala Eastern European Conversion

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Name: Sumari Bala - Eastern Europe

Location: Eastern Europe

Size : 1320x1320m

Teams: Brit vs Mil

Gameplay: AAS 

Description: Having some cooking issues with my other project at the moment, while I work though that I decided to start a second map to prevent me from getting angry :P. My plan is a full make over of Sumari, to take it from the middle east to eastern Europe. May add a few things to spice it up a bit, but my hope is to keep the core Sumari gameplay alive. I think Sumari is a great map, especially for seeding and sense I spend so much time on it poping I may as well change the scenery a bit. As always all feedback is welcome as I continue to work towards a functional map. 


First Look

https://imgur.com/a/C68L35I - Before


https://imgur.com/a/N1GHi2w - After 


https://imgur.com/a/HBkKyDB - More early progress. 

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