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The Italian Armed Forces!

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As a native Italian and a member of the Squad community, I wanted to suggest the addition of the Italian Armed Forces! This great NATO country has become so underrated in the last few decades that people forget the amazing weapons and vehicles Italian innovation has created for the world. If you are wondering what the Italian faction can offer, here are some great examples..




The C1 Ariete MBT. Extremely fast, maneuverable, and powerful!






The Dardo Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Very similar to the Bradley, but fires 25 mm tortellini's at the enemy!






The B1 Centauro Tank Destroyer. Like the C1 Ariete, but on wheels!






Standard M113 APC.






IVECO ACTL Logistical Truck. Ready to deliver thousands of pizzas to the front lines!






Italian Army Service Combat Uniform (Could not find anymore full portrait pictures for some reason).






The Beretta AR70/90 semi-automatic rifle.






The recently introduced Beretta ARX 100 semi-automatic rifle.



And so on, and so on! What do you guys think? Should the Italians have their place in the spotlight? I personally would love to have my own country's military be a part of Squad! Hopefully the developers will consider this in the future. 


Opinions are more than welcome as well as additional information I did not put in here!






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Having more factions in the game is great, but I don't want the devs spending too much time on new factions. Especially because there is modding, and if there is a mod that meets their standards they can agree with the modders to put it into the game. However this introduces some "balance" issues, mainly because people think that scopes are OP, while its not necessarily the case. For example the CAF Mod gives every role a scope, and some people might think it would be OP, while it wasn't in the playtest in summer. In V13 many roles had scopes in the test build, which might hurt some faction mods without magnified optics, because some people won't want to play against optics. However, it's not the optic, its the player who makes the difference, in Post Scriptum, majoirty of the players think that marksmen are OP, which they are clearly not, as I am usually in the top 3 players on the servers kills wise, with a medic or a rifleman. They just can't aim, and blame the kit. So that is why I'd rather have the devs focus on improving the core game itself. Like better hitreg, higher tickrate servers, better ragdolls, better vehicle physics, helicopters and fast ropes, better optimization etc.The current factions in the game offer plenty of variety to keep the players entertained and come back. These are more important than new factions. If the core game is bad (which Squad is not, but has plenty of room for improvement), then the whole game is bad, regardless of the quantity of the content, but if the core game is solid, the game will be fun with less content.


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How ridiculous. everyone knows that no woman ever have served at the front line...
It would be a fun test to see how the players would react if their character where a woman...

But jokes aside. The 'problem' with the Italians is that there is no difference from the US and UK sides, Similar weapons, similar Vehicles etc so it wouldn't really add anything to the game. I would rather see something like a 3rd world army, which would be something like the Milita but with a slightly more hitech touch and no scout. AK:s and stuff for the infantry but with helos, ATGM:s and AAV:s (something that is present in a lot of 3rd world armies, although often in low numbers)

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The most common advice to give with "Let's add *insert faction* to the game pls devs do this!!!!" is that you should assemble a team, and set out to make a mod that add the faction you would like. As of this moment devs are supposedly carefully considering which factions to add and which not due to how long a certain faction would take with new models/voice lines/animations/sounds/maps/etc. So if it's not a major player such as the US, China or Russia then you probably won't see it that soon but if you start making it yourself and the quality is up to snuff then you could possibly make contact with the devs and get your faction added to the official game for all to play instead of just on some modded servers.

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