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1 hour ago, thebiglez said:

what about if there would be like 15 flags on the map, every compound would have one. Then perhaps a clearer battle line would emerge and it would also be more realistic. 

This will never happen. From my perspective the evolution of Squad AAS has always been about slowing the pace of the matches down and centralization of the gameplay. Hence the removal of the rush meta and bleed on all the flags except for the one closest to main. There's already enough players spread out across the map reducing their teams effectiveness, we certainly don't want to promote it.



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Can't say I'm a fan of "immersion". I play the game to have fun with 2 competent teams vsing eachother and see good use of all the available assets, not to run around half a mile off point securing hills.


Milsim play or whatever term you pick should be reserved for modded gameplay and the base game should be a somewhat easily accessible but hard to master team game.

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10 hours ago, PythagorasHP said:

I think a lot of you guys are confusing the term 'Immersion' with 'Realistic'.

I think they are taking the term immersion in 2 different ways. 


Being immerse as in "focused" on the objective and the competitive aspect of the game...




Being immerse as in for some lapses forgetting about the objective, the flag, the spawning mechanic and "feeling" you´re a member of a squad in a gun fight...


I´ve always assumed that "immersion" meant the 2nd one, but I also see how the term can also be used for another purpose.

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