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[STG] Squad Tactical Group - Special Forces | NA Open Recruitment

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STG - SF Recruitment


Squad Tactical Group - Special Forces unit is an exclusive group of highly skilled and knowledgeable Squad players who prioritize tactics, teamwork, and synergy to accomplish objectives on the battlefield. STG SF prides and prioritizes ourselves on making a commitment to the SF unit through structured weekly training, weekly clan events, and playing frequently, all while putting forth the utmost effort in becoming the most productive unit we can be.


Altogether, SF specifically looks for competent and unselfish players who will do whatever it takes to achieve our objective - whether that is driving logistics on Kohat or playing Medic when there is no one available to do so. Squad is a very complex game that operates on the sum of all parts, and we need to have like-minded players contributing to such teamwork.


That said, we use a Tasks and Roles system that delegates each part of a fireteam properly. You will have the option of Infantry, Vehicular, or Artillery squads. In each of those squads, you will have the option of a primary role, and eventually secondary, tertiary etc..


Basic requirements for enlistment into STG SF:

  1. Having a willingness to learn and to adapt to any situation present.

  2. Maintain a professional attitude in and out of the game.

  3. Full understanding of our meta and playstyles.

  4. Meet all activity requirements including but not limited to Commander events, training, and Friday Night Squad.

  5. Receiving a vote of approval upon completing your probationary period as a recruit.


If you are interested in getting more information regarding STG SF and would like to get in contact with our recruitment director, send an add to “STG |♠ J.Lachapelle#3797” via Discord and send him a brief message explaining your interest.


STG Discord: https://discord.gg/dNmbCGZ



We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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