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Come join us over at BULBA

We are a group of players that came from world of tanks and started playing squad together if you want to get in contact with us our discord is here: https://discord.gg/gbCKT2


We also have a server we are working on getting licensed. It will alternate between AAS and Invasion.

The server rules are :

Rule 1: No camping main. If your sole purpose is to engage vehicles coming from main then you are camping main. Mines and IED's may be placed anywhere after the first objective and half way in between main and the first objective.

Rule 2: Vehicle kits requiring a crewman must have at least 2 crewman in them. No soloing crewman vehicles.

Rule 3: All SL's must have a mic and must use that mic to communicate with other SL's

Rule 4: No intentional TK'ing

That is it pretty simple. We hope to see you there :)


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