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How many of you guys are ETS/ATS Guys? That also do Logi runs for the WIN!! You logi guys are the REAL MVP's out there, so how cool would this be??




Working on this side project. @IrOnTaXi, @Merlin email me at [email protected] when/if you get a chance. I have factory support from Logitech, and Thrustmaster, as well as Fanatec, but they are extremely busy with DD Podium Wheel stuff. Also, the Unreal Bros at Kunos Simulazioni are onboard to help us get this sorted.

Stay tuned!

Feel free to email me at [email protected] as I am rarely able to check PM's these days, but I do eventually read EVERY SINGLE EMAIL :)

Keep up the great freaking work too guys, you are truly the best there is. At least that I know of haha. Squad is really freaking awesome. Even in it's infancy it is still miles ahead of Battlefield, Call of Doodie, ARMA, and all the other "Battlefield Type" titles, all things considered. And, the potential is sooooo EPIC.

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Looking bad ass ;-) Played ETS since i was a kid still play it sometimes.Even in my army service i was a truck driver ;-) And in squad i love to do logi runes for my clan guys and other team mates ;-)

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and here was me wishing I could double tap forward to activate cruise control. for reasons :)

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Hey you could drive anything with that setup......(Dream sequence)...


Coming for 2020...Squad Street Cleaner Combat Simulator 2020. "Feel all the gripping action of Street Cleaner Simulator with the gritty combat of Squad in this latest exciting tactical cleaning game from OWI! Can you clean the bodies and empty shell casings while dodging 5.56x45 NATO? Ever try to clean blood up while dodging a TOW? Well now you can in this holy matrimony of the two hottest genres in gaming history. Tactical shooting? I say tactical cleaning, biatch! Are you man enough to step into the drivers seat? Cleaning fluid not included!"



"I jizzed in my pants...twice" - GAMESPOT

"Damn you patriarchy, I'm hooked!" - KOTAKU

"A divine and holy experience that even the most devout will question their faith" - POPE PIUS IX


Get your copy today before the keys are all gone!!


Also coming soon...Squad Septic Tank Combat Simulator 2021..."I'll show you what a real tank looks like biatch!" and it's exciting DLC, Firebase Forklift Commander "Keep those guns fed maggots!!"




And in the future.....


"Hi folks we're here at E3 2025 at the OWI booth speaking with the lead developer, Will Stahl, on an exciting new genre of hard core tactical action combat simulation. What have you got for us Will?" -PCGamer


"Well with the success of Squad Street Cleaner Combat Simulator and Squad Septic Tank Combat Simulator, as well as Hairdresser Commander and the award winning Toilet Attendant Overlord, we're really going to open ourselves up to a new genre that we feel has been overlooked by the tactical shooter community." -Will Stahl


"What's that Will?" -PCGamer


"Combat farming" -Will Stahl


"Combat farming? Isn't that a bit of a stretch? How will you combine combat with farming?" -PCGamer


"Easy we're going to allow the player to farm  the most important crops in the most important battlegrounds in history" -Will Stahl


"Care to explain? Like are you controlling the donkey or tractors or something?" -PCGamer


"Exactly, not only will you be able to use animals and tractors but with our digging mechanic that goes all the way back to our first game Squad, you'll be able to harvest those crops as well. Check out these titles"


Peloponnesian Pomegranite Farm 430 B.C. - Can you dodge savage Spartan spears while harvesting those juciy pomegranites?

Gallic goat farm 50 B.C. - The Romans are on the march, but so are you're goats, keep them safe from the Roman juggernaut!

Crusader Cabbage Patch simulator 1187 - Get those cabbages to market to feed those hungry Crusaders, just don't run afoul of the Church, Heretics receive no quarter!!!

Waterloo Watermelon Patch 1812  - Napoleon's army is on the move and they have a sweet tooth! Give them a "Welly", General Wellington that is!

Trench Warfare Irrigation commander - The allies are not the only ones who are digging in...Watch that artillery fire!

Polish Petting Zoo 1939 - The third Reich is on the march and they are in no mood to pet that Llama. Watch out for Stuka attacks!

Ho Chi Mihn Trail Husbandry 1969 - Can you save your cows from the constant B-52 strikes? Watch out for those VC tax collectors!!

Baghdad Bee Keeper 1991 - The Americans are attacking and want your honey...However they are not the only ones with "stingers"

Basrah Bean Farm 2002 - Harvest those beans with gusto! President Bush declared your farm a factory for WMD's. It's a race against the clock!

Falluja Tractor simulator 2005 - Drive your tractor carefully, IED's and friendly fire make those furrows fly!


"Wow! Those are some pretty exciting titles but what's next for OWI after you've conquered the combat farming genre?" - PCGamer


"Well I'm not really allowed to say, but I'd be lying if I said it had nothing to do with personal hygene" - Will Stahl


"Cmon Will just give us a hint. How about a couple of titles at least to give us an idea of where you're going in the combat simulation market." -PCGamer


"Well ok but these are just working titles, we don't really have the story or game mechanics fleshed out but here are a few titles that are rolling around in our heads" - WIll Stahl


Baghdad Ball Wash: Special Operations

The Enema of my Enemy is my Friend

Peloponnesian Pap Smear General

Colon Commander


"That's all I can really say, they haven't been approved yet by the larger team."


"Well that sounds exciting Will, This is PCGamer at E3 2025, back to you Anita...." -PCGamer


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