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Our Server Rules

1. Be respectful: Absolutely no discrimination of any kind to other players will be tolerated.

2. Team Killing: Deliberate team kills will not be tolerated, this includes revenge/retaliation team kills or team killing in 'self defence'. Apologise for accidental team kills in all chat.

3. Cheating: Cheating of any kind will result in a ban, this includes hacking, glitching and other exploits.

4. Base Camping: We allow the enemy team out of main without hinderance to the 1st flag Such as Planting Mines right outside Protection Zone, Destroying/Killing Vehicles that just left Main Protection Zone. Some Objectives are very close to Main Base, But it doesn't mean it's allowed to Stay right next to them, in order to Secure the Cap Zone. If an Admin Considers that you are Too Close/Breaking the rule, you will be Asked to Stop Doing That or risking being kicked from the Server.

5. Squad Leaders: All squad leaders must have the squad leader kit at all times, they must have a microphone and be able to communicate in English to other squad leaders. A reasonable effort should be made to play the objective. taking all the vehicles, placing a FOB miles from objectives or sitting at un-capable/defendable objectives is not helping your team.

6. Unassigned: All players must join a squad, if one is not available, create one.

7. Spam/Advertising: Do not spam VOIP or text chat (playing music down the mic, etc). Do not advertise on our server, this includes URLs or any kind of advertising in your steam name. In addition NO recruiting on this server, unless for R-B

8. Vehicles: All APCs/IFV that require Crewman kit must be 2 manned. Do not Abandon Vehicles anywhere else, than FOB or Main Base.

9. No locked squads: Unless 2-3 man APC/IFV squad or 3-4 man motor squad. Locked squads for collective languages will be allowed, if the SL speaks English over SL chat. 1-Man Logistics/SPG Squads are Allowed.

10. Creating a squad without intending to lead it: Don't make a squad, then leave it and making someone else be an SL

11. No Camping bridges leading out of main bases. Players must wait till the enemy team are over the bridges before attacking.


Our Seeding rules:

1. Both teams pick a flag and agree to fight over the flag

2. No HABs, FOBs or rallys to be placed on the agreed fighting flag

3. No Vehicles with armour to be used during seeding

4. No attacking each others HABs, FOBs or rallys until the server is live

5. All spawn placements must placed on a non agreed fighting flag or at a great distance to prevent players from walking onto the spawn points.

If you have a complaint, question or issue:

In any event that players have a complaint, question or issue, please join our discord and use the #report to admin channel.


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Definitely one of the best managed Squad servers! Very friendly admins!

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