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Fight for the 7th Legion ---(7L)

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Our clan's main purpose is to build a community of like minded players and get the best experience possible in gaming.  our community fallows ancient roman theme and implements ancient roman army ranking system within a gaming framework of course. we are not a hardcore group by any means,  when we started with a small group of friends we have kept the idea of just having fun with people that are not toxic and love squad. as our community has grown we participate on squad events and tourneys for those of us that want a more competitive experience but it it not necessary for all members. we are just a chill clan that loves squad. 

no application needed just join our discord and come and say hello and let us know if your interested or just hang out in discord till you decide.

Us based clan but everyone is welcome please dm a officer when you arrive on discord.   https://discord.gg/jXZwZ7G

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