Current Wave spawn system makes finding enemy rallies in the field harder, people used to walk directly to the flag one at a time. So you would just connect the dots, collecting kills until you found the spawn.  Now they tend to move apart as they walk in and the frequency is reduced. When you do find the rally you can't just pop one guy at a time, you need to pop several. Much more challenging(fun).   I'd like friendlies/squadmates near a spawn point to reduce respawn time. This will help bring squads closer together.    eg A spawn wave spawns 2 guys at the rally.  6 other guys die soon after the wave. They would normally have 60 seconds wait. Because the first 2 guys are there the wave timer is reduced to a max of 40 seconds. 2 guys stay at the rally to keep the timer down, if they left it would jump up 10 seconds for each player. These 6 other guys spawn making the total within range of the rally 8 players.  Last guy dies and instead of waiting for the spawn timer he is allowed the minimum spawn time, eg 30 seconds.   Of course all the numbers can be adapted. The standard rally spawn timer could be increased a lot. eg 120 seconds. By working as a team the squad can reduce the spawn time by sticking near their rally. Then they move off as a wave. The maximum time reduction could be achieved by a low number of players eg 3. Range to reduce should be sensibly high, standing in a 15m radius of your teammates is usually stupid.