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Okay so, I just stumbled across a certain reddit thread: I found this to be incredibly effective in reducing stutter in ALL games, not just Squad/PUBG

This is especially useful for dullards like myself who of course thought : BiGgEr PaGeFile MUsT MeAN BEttEr

tl:dr: Set Pagefile initial value and Maximum value to recommended amount and restart PC - Problem fixed.


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On 21.01.2019 at 8:45 PM, ZXD_Lee said:

the main problems are potato pcs 

What do you consider a 'potato pc'? Everything with less 64gb ram or everything lower than 2080Ti SLI?

I have a typical mid-range build which is capable of running almost everything at 1080p 60fps+ at least. I know different games require different amount of resources, but I think if ArmA and GTA V can run at High/Ultra preset on 1080p with stable 60fps, there might be some issues with game optimization (which actually is the case tbh). 

I think OWI admitted the lack of it with last recap and said that more engineers are assigned to work on optimization now. 

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Well firstly squad is only game worth playing so you need to have a decent pc and run it in a least 1440p 


having a 1070 upwards and a 2 or 3 year old i5 or i7 with ssd and at least 16 of ram


and not having anything AMD 

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