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[WIP] BMPT "Terminator-2" Tank Support Vehicle Mod

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So, one day I decided to go and try 3D modeling. Being incredibly frustrated by the lack of middle-ground armored vehicles for RGF, I decided to try and model a new vehicle conversion kit to turn T-72B3 already existing in Vanilla Squad into BMPT "Terminator-2" tank support vehicle.


Progress on the 3D model:



Another update, now with nearly ready missile launchers: fab99488fa427018d1c457aa5ef3572c.png


Another HUGE update:


Model base is done, and it fits perfectly onto Vanilla T-72B3 model that OWI uses in-game. Pursue of smaller minuscule detail continues (I still slack behind honestly), but overall, I consider it a huge success!


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Even closer to the finish line

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Well, armor sufficient to hold a 120mm sabot shell is only present on the front of the turret ring (and only if you angle it covering the weak-spot above the driver's hatch), while the turret assembly itself is quite fragile.

My plans are to make it high-skill=high-reward vehicle that's relatively squishy but able to deal massive damage. The fact that this is basically a tank chassis and an unmanned turret makes this vehicle extremely hard to outright destroy in a fight against IFVs and infantry, but easily disablable and forced to reduce the amount of pressure it applies and retreat for repairs. The main way to destroy it will be blinding it, disabling the sights and stabilization on the turret, and applying heavy amounts of ATGM fire, as it is still relatively weak from the sides and back T-72B3 chassis. It's weapons though will 100% be worth the risk of constantly running back to repair FOB/main, because those are twin 30mm autocannons (I'll have to tweak their penetration and damage slightly to make them useful unless developers themselves will do it before I do. I will also be equipped with 2 tandem-HEAT Ataka-T ATGMs and 2 Ataka-T thermobaric-fragmentation ATGMs, first ever in-game, mind you :P I have big plans for those devastating beauties!

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