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New player with a couple of questions.

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Hi all, I bought squad during the steam sale and have been having a blast. In two weeks I've put in almost a hundred hours(and I want more! :D). 


I was going to ask this on the steam hub but it's a noisy mess over there and hope one of the developers sees this. What other factions do you have planned? I played a bit of project reality(that's where I heard about this game from)and my favorite team is the mec team because they have the g3 and I love battle rifles. Will there ever be an mec type team using only battle rifles? And will you ever add a chinese team? Oh and grenadier is my favorite class. And russian grenadier is my favoritest class. Something I've always wanted is an ak105 with a grenade launcher. Will you ever add an ak105 with a grenade launcher? What? I love carbines. My favorite looking gun of all time is my airsoft mk18 with an m203.



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Hey great to have you join the Squad community!! Always awesome to see PR players joining, no doubt we will continue to see more join as we get missing elements (like CO and helicopters) implemented.


Not talking about new factions right now, we are committed to getting the core features implemented before focusing on more content like new factions, however stick around awhile and you're question will be answered :)


AK105 is not planned but is not without realm of possibly for example in the Militia faction, perhaps a modding project that could be implemented into the main game if high enough quality.

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