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WASD Turret Control

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1.While WASD controled turrets are in game, they are not quit usable (on its own, A and D are still great for a traversing without liftig your mous 10 times)

Would it be possible to get some sort of brake so the turret would only move half as fast?

So while holding down (lets say) left shift the WASD Movement would reduced to 50%

And would it further be possible to also lower the speed when zoomed in (like done with the mouse-movement? where you can set the sensitivity in the options)

In the end you would have up to 4 different speedlevel (or 3 if you set zoomed-in speed at 50% of the normal speed, or maybe even more, iirc some vehicle (CROWS) have more than on zoomlvl)


2. The KPV-14.5 turrets seems to not have WASD movement, is it on purpose? and why?


3. How about giving all turrets WASD movement only (for all Vehicle where the gunner is fully enclosed and cant be engaged by small arms fire) now that they have stabilizers (at least in PR it was said that mousecontroll was acting as counter for not having stabilized turrets)? This would be

a) more realistic since the bigger turrets are Joystick operated in modern Tanks/IFV/APC

b) it would be more challenging (and challenging is fun, right?) but still be balanced b c both have the same controlls and max traverse-speed.

c) maybe moving, to be a harder target, would become a stategie on tank vs. tank engagements (right now its quit useless to move your Tank during an engagement because the enemy tanker has no problem to follow your movement.

d) the grunds are growling that Vics are to powerfull and this would make it at least a bit easier for them, (most suggestens go like "make us kill them faster" but a "make them kill us not so fast" would also not be a bad idea.

e) using the TC-Seat would maybe be an advantage because with hunter-killer-capabilities (btw. does the TC CROWS have this feature in RL or just the CITV Sight and are both systems used simultaniously or are they redundant?) you can aim in the next target and the gunner just needs to press one button (more teamwork should in this game allway be rewardet)



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