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SDK: Vehicle Spawner:

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HI all,


I've been having "fun" with the Vehicle Spawner lately. My hope was to modify it to enable spawning more than one vehicle at a time and to add an Allowance to limit the total number of spawned vehicles, of the Spawner - and i think i'm close to making it work.

Thanks to @wasti for putting me on to needing a "Tracked Vehicle" array, specifically - i think (HA! LOL!) i've set things up correctly but still have a few nagging doubts.

Below are the EventGraph and SetCanSpawn, from inside the VehicleSpawner (i've left CheckCanSpawn alone atm), and things highlighted in the pics are things i have added.




To count, Add / Remove Spawned or Destroyed Vehicles from the Make Array.

The GATE because i needed to drive the REMOVE (to pass on OnVehicleDestroyed EXE).

The ARRAY to hold a count of currently spawned Tracked Vehicles.

REMOVE Tracked Vehicle, via OnVehicleDestroyed EXE.

LAST INDEX = total number spawned.

ADD Tracked Vehicle (from the SET), and driven by the (last spawned) ?IsValid EXE. (* just realised i have to re-route ADD's out EXE)

SET Total Spawned Vehicles, driven by both ADD and REMOVE EXE's.




Thought this might be a good place to stitch-in - the only place i could think of to definitively break "Can Spawn".

1. Decides if the Allowance has been met or not by the Total Spawned Vehicles value being less than the Allowance value <true/false>.

2. Checks to see if any previously spawned vehicle(of class) is still sitting inside the Spawn Zone (ie; not taken yet) <true/false>.

If Allowance = False, then the EXE will stop  - if True will pass on. *just realised i need a link to the Set Can Spawn from Allowance=False, i think (or it won't fire?)

If Spawn Zone = False, then it will Set Can Spawn to False *(what Allowance should also do)

If both 1 & 2 are True then the Set Can Spawn will be driven and set to True, as per normally.


I've looked at this now a number of times and can't find anything wrong with it (compiles fine ...) but i'm an amateur n00b at this stuff, at best.


I'm too tired to test it tonight, so if anyone sees anything i've done drastically wrong or won't work (or possibly call up things from the vasty deep...), please let me know  - still not sure how/if the array will work or not ...


Cheers! :)


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so the Allowance thing is on hold indefinitely due to it being too hard to figure at this point - and not overly important compared to other things, at this stage. my Abandon function was the next thing to get into however, and i don't understand why i'm having these issues (this one and the missing AAS stuff), but ... and this is after two Verifies of the install ...


V14 vehicle spawner appears to be missing all the BP functionality (shown above) except something to do with the Preview Mesh - ergo i have nothing to work from. so my Abandoned Function (my more important mod-bit here) i was going to do is also now on hold, indefinitely.


i would really appreciate if someone from the Dev department could tell me weather these things are in fact broken at the moment and will be fixed, or should i reinstall?

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so, after no reply, i have eventually found that the new parts have replaced the old parts. As far as i can see this now means i will have to work on the vehicles themselves for the Abandon Function - requiring access to the parent classes for them. So unlesss we get this access i have no idea how to do this, at this point in time. Not giving up entirely yet, tho. :)


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