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(EU\ENG) [Sanguine Enforcers] - Teamplay & Cooperation: Welcome Home...

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 Greetings from everyone in the Sanguine Enforcers!  

We have managed to set up a server (i7 7700k, 8gb ram, 1Gbps) and have already applied for license which we hope will be approved soon. LICENSE HAS BEEN APPROVED!

With this server we hope to bring a more inclusive new player experience while at the same time promote tight knit gameplay amongst teams and squads alike.

Here are the guidelines of the server:


1. Lonewolfing will not be taken lightly. unless specifficaly dispatched by your squad leader,  you should stick and cooeprate with your squad

2.Squad leaders are requiered to have a microphone and cooeprate with the rest of the team.

3.Squad leaders are NOT allowed to kick players purely on the basis of them being new to the game. If the player is responsive and willing to learn it is expected of you to be patient and understanding with them.

3. Needless to say, any form of racism or harrasment towards any player on the server will be dealt with accordingly

4. Squad leaeders have full control within their squad and they may take any actions (within the guidelines of the server) against missbehaiving players.

5.We know how important it is for clans to be able to play together. As such any clan that joins our server can request the admins to switch over players so that they can join their friends.


   The SNGE community itself has been going strong for over 4 years with roughly 120 players ranging from 18 years old all the way up to 60!  It began mainly playing Planetside 2, though we play other games too.  In the last few years some of us began playing Project Reality on the weekends - that habit has since grown to a few nights a week, with up to 14 of us, and counting now regularly playing Squad.

We expect a mature but fun outlook from our players, and hope to bring this to the overall Squad community.
We don't tolerate fools lightly, however [SNGE] is a newbie-friendly group, willing to poke fun at silly mistakes but also actively engaged in helping those new players to learn from and understand their mistakes, making for better players that can laugh at the same newbie mistakes in the future!

   We hope to promote a welcoming environment on the server where the players know the admins, and that they can be relied upon to ensure enjoyable and memorable games for everyone playing by the rules.


- [SNGE] Leadership & Community

- Come say hello on our teamspeak - ts.thesanguineenforcers.com

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