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Flickering / Shimmering

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Hello Squids,


So I recently built a new rig, upgrading from my GTX 950m laptop to a Ryzen 5 2600 + RX 580. The game runs great, but I am experiencing flickering/shimmering, most noticeably on foliage at a distance. The only way to prevent the flickering is to use TAA, but TAA causes ghosting and distorted optics.


So far I have tried:

Clean install drivers,

Clearing PCI slot of any dust/debris,

Modifying radeon settings to use in-game, override and enhance,

and just about every configuration of radeon and in-game settings I could think of.


Video of issue (The compression from upload has made the issue less obvious.)


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After trying different monitors and a better HDMI cable, with different specs (refresh rates, ms) the issue persisted.


I was able to mitigate the flickering significantly with an ini tweak.


Copy and paste the parameter below to:  

AppData/Local/Squad/Saved/Config/WindowsnoEditor/Egnine.ini   and enable TAA in-game.


These parameters + TAA enabled mitigated almost all the flickering on foliage and ground textures, while preventing most of the ghosting. Although, there is still ghosting on my weapons when I am sighted in, it is still better than having all the foliage flicker. I am sure I will get used to the ghosting and eventually I will not notice it.


*credits to Shinobi for helping me with this, and WASP.

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