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HELP, Very Slow Load Time on V12

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Hello, I been playing since early pre alpha 2015, never been a issue but now with V12 it takes me forever to load into the next map when round ends, so long that most time all the squads are made and I dont have a chance to make one or join one.    I disabled pre load textures and that did not make a different.    V11 it was insta load, V12 is when my issue started.    any suggestions?     I got a pretty good machine i dont think that is the issue.

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Are you running squad on a HDD? Is the HDD running at 5400 RPM?


For those running on such a setup, it's recommended to start the game and then let the EAC do it's scanning for about 6 minutes before joining server (load the game and wait in main menu for 6 min before joining a server)


Though it doesn't sound like your load times are atrocious, can you give us some system specs?


We are implementing some systems to help reduce the load times, 12.2 initiated a fix to hell alleviate those with really slow drives, we will probably be adapting some more optimisation systems in the 4.21 engine update

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