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4K not working

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I can't seem to enable 4k on squad, no matter what I do.


I have a rtx 2080 and use the 4x DSR option in the Nvidia control panel. Whenever I select the 4k resolution (3840x2160) and set my game to fullscreen, it only displays the very top left 1/4 of the screen. Picture added below to show what it looks like on team selection menu.

Any way to fix this? Only happens on Squad.




Edit: Weirdly enough, putting the game into 2k (2560x1440) will work and show the entire screen, but it makes it look kind of blurry and full of jagged edges (Even though I still have TAA and super sampling on, and 2k is supposed to be sharper than 1080p)

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Found additional issue

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