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Old annoying bugs

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1.When I see how someone is actually shooting from M4 rifle by burst sometimes i don't hear sound of the shooting, the sound and animation work asynchronously. This is especially noticeable near. 

2. I also want to notice that when you are trying to shoot by 1 bullet from m2 browning or NSV then other players hear burst or automatic shooting. 

3. Rocket car bug has still not been fixed since A11. 

4. Static-SPG LOD bug has been returned in A12. 

5. Explosive shells of various automatic cannons(btr-82,Warrior, Bradley etc) are still useless. You don't receive any damage even if it hits two meters of you. Same problem with tank explosive shells. It must kill in 10m radius and wound 20m radius but at the moment you stay alive after 5m radius and don't receive any damage after 10m...

6. There is some strange GAMMA at some maps like Kohat and Gorodok. It is especially noticeable  when you are placing radio or something else placeable and it is highlighted by different green color.  

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