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Squad v12 teamwork training playlist

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For all of you new guys coming to Squad or Mil Sim style games in general, there is a learning tool on YouTube organized by subject from basic to advanced skills. Its called the "Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 Teamwork" playlist for training. Subjects in order such as Individual Movement Techniques, Squad/Fireteam Movement Formations, Combat Techniques of Fire, Close Quarters Combat(CQC)/Survival taught by Vietnam Veteran Mike Mah. As well as Troop Leading Procedures, Getting Ambushed and the type of ambush, Combined Arms Breach, Advanced Squad/Fireteam Movement Formations and Techniques, Individual Fieldcraft Camouflage and a whole lot more are needed to be the best you can be at surviving and keeping others alive. Here it is


You can learn overtime, look it up, save it and let others know. Spread the knowledge and tactics when the situations to survive arise with the tactics needed. Be descriptive, turn each of these skills into descriptive orders that are clear and easy to follow. Base them off survival, anticipation of everything from explosive impact angles to enemy movements and more. Learn by absorbing the taught analysis methods, demonstrations, instruction, observation, individual inspiration, detailed concepts and new considerations to consider. You will survive a lot longer with the 20+ skills there are to learn.

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