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In Need Of A Squad To Squad Up With!

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Looking for some fun loving, not fully serious, and really communicative group of gamers to play Squad with.  I dont mind joining a community just dont make me leave my other groups of friends to be able to game with your community.  If you want to know how I play you can check my other posts to see how I play most of the time.

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If you want you could join PRTA, we have an EU server that we usually seed every Sunday, since it's still kinda new. We are friendly and willing to teach new players too, we're not too serious, we're a community mostly, not a clan.

Our focus is on fair and balanced matches pretty much, so we usually don't like to stack on one team or even squad.

We stem back from older Project Reality days, we've been around for a while, tho we're basically still kind of setting up in Squad as a community. :)


Add me on steam if you're interested!

Guan 『WiTS』

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Hey CmdrTitan365,

If you're interested in a Milsim group/community, give the 7th Cavalry a look at 7cav.us/enlist

For the case of your group of friends, if it's another clan that's where we draw a line. Ultimately it is up to you, however if you guys aren't a clan, then we might be the group for you. We take our gameplay seriously but we have tons of fun as a community, even outside squad. Since we maintain the structure of a chain of command, we always keep the chaos on the down-low and make sure everyone's voice is heard. We have a pretty big member base, and support games like Arma and Post Scriptum. Many of the Squad players are on during the week playing other games or on Squad, even when they aren't in official practice sessions. 

We also have written classes for Squad, such as Indirect Fire, Basic Assault and Movement, and Weapons Qualification Courses.
If all this catches your interest, you can definitely add me on steam, by the same display name. You can also go to the forums and once you create an account, I believe you can PM me.

Best of Luck to you!

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