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Curse Media (Gamepedia) was acquired by Fandom

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On 12 December 2018 it was announced that Fandom, another popular wiki-site also known as Wikia, has bought Curse Media from its current owner Twitch. Curse Media owns Gamepedia, which is our host of the Squad Wiki.


What does this mean for you?

  • For the near future, nothing. Everything continues as usual.
  • If you are a resident of the European Union and European Economic Area (EEA), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires companies by law to ask for user consent before doing new stuff to your personal user data - in this case, handing your data and account over to Fandom and changing its use to their terms and conditions. You probably have already received an email or a pop-up on the Gamepedia websitse asking for your consent.
    • If you give your consent, your data will be transfered to Fandom at some (still unknown) date and you can continue using Gamepedia as usual.
    • If you do not give your consent, your user data and account will be deleted. You will have to create a new user. Your edits on the Squad Wiki will be attributed to "user deleted".
  • If you live outside the EU, your personal user data will be moved to Fandom without asking you - because in your legal system there is no legal requirement to ask you for permission.
  • What will happen in the long-term future to the Squad Wiki? Of course, it will continue to exist and prosper, but we don't know on which platform or under which conditions. No one knows today, even Gamepedia staff do not know. Fandom has 300,000 wikis, many of which overlap with Gamepedia’s 2,200 and there are plans for creating synergies. The first transfers of wikis from one site to another have already happened. But Gamepedia staff have assured us this will only happen after intensive discussion with the wiki community and the active wiki admins. The Gamepedia staff has always been very honest, kind and supportive and we can hope we will continue working with them.


If all of this sounds familiar, it's probably because of recent memories when Twitch has bought Curse Media two years ago and you were asked to consent to the merging of your Twitch account with your Gamepedia account. Now, Twitch has sold Curse Media to Fandom. According to current information from Fandom, all your existing relationship with Twitch in connection with other Twitch Services are not impacted at all.


If you want to know more about this:

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Crazy! Figured they'd be a good match with Twitch.


Thanks for the update and bullet points. Should help make things easier.

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It's happening now. All users who have not given their consent, have been deleted and now look like e.g. "@DeletedUser481". There are lots of them.


Fortunately, it's not too late to get your user back (however, this recovery process will not be available forever, do it as soon as possible). Here are the official instructions from Gamepedia:


Any EU/EEA users who had not consented prior to these required GDPR activities may now reclaim their accounts:

1. Log out
2. Visit Gamepedia.com
3. Log in there
4. Use the rename credit here: https://www.gamepedia.com/account


Your username will then trickle down to the wikis.


User pages (owned by non-consenting users) and user profile fields (for non-consenting users) had to be erased to comply with GDPR (they cannot be recovered). Wiki points, contributions, and achievements are saved.


If you still have issues after following those instructions, make a ticket by sending current username, old username, and account email to [email protected]

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