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Microphone and Headphones aren't working with squad

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When I start playing the game, everything works just fine, but after someone from my squad opens his microphone regardless on which server I am playing at, I hear some sort of a beep, and then the game it mutes it self and overall the sound of my pc becomes pretty low. I find this bug kind of game breaking for my self due to squad being a team work game, I tried verifying the game, reinstalling, nothing works. as of right now I don't know what to do, and I am using Logitech G430 headphones, they work with every other game I tried, Both headphones and the microphone.

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12 minutes ago, Thegreenzzz said:

I had this problem where squad muted itself but a restart fixed it

I also formatted my pc, and restarted, and shut down the computer yet nothing happened.

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