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Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 Teamwork playlist with Good Tips

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Have a look at "Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 teamwork" playlist for training on YouTube, look it up and save it on the YouTube search bar or watch it here. It will improve your skills or teach you new skills that I use and Karmakut uses to survive and lead effectively giving him good footage. Also look at my personal standing orders below that are derived from skills taught within below in the lists. The playlist includes 20+ organized subject skills from basic to advanced such as individual movement techniques, combat techniques of fire like grazing, plunging or probing fire. Critical to preventing friendly fire or getting friendlies killed in Close Quarters Combat environments is " "Weapon Flow in Compressed Environments" video number 12. Individual Fieldcraft camouflage in detail, Troop Leading Procedures and considerations of METT-TC, a Close Quarters Combat(CQC) section by Vietnam Veteran Mike Mah, he describes the methods in how he survived many nights in a fighting hole with broken M16 and Ka-Bar knife in Vietnam. Much more to learn, check it out, save it in some way in favorites or on YouTube. Become less of a liability to your squad and team, become more of an asset. This first video is just a good playlist introduction and playlist thumbnail... Individual Movement Techniques is where the in depth skills start.

 Let others know about this learning tool with all the skills, apply what you can, learn from observations, demonstrations, turn each skill into descriptive orders based on situational needs to keep everyone alive with no mistakes made. This is intended to increase the knowledge, skills, teaching capability of each player and to further the immersion through by making player realism better. Learn to survive.

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For anyone who really wants to be good at this game, the very first rule to keep in mind is NOT to apply IRL tactics during gameplay, as most of them would never work. It's all about learning the map and knowning where to position yourself to maximize your impact on the game, rather than attempting to become a military wannabe tryhard. Unfortunately watching Youtube videos would not help to improve your performance drastically, despite that they might be entertaining. 


For instance, IRL the machinegunners need to stick with their team and cover their advance, in order to maintain good communication and avoid friendly fire. However, in Squad the scoped machinegunners can best assist their team by seizing an overwatch position from which he can intercept the enemies, so they would most likely be far away from other squad members, and this is doable thx to the always-working GPS and radios, and the fact that everything in more or less predictable in a game (like the direction and the strength of coming enemies).

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Everyone knows there is only one strategy in Squad AAS. Play every match like its v9. Everybody rushes the central flag except for a few dudes in a transport who grab the neutral flags. Then the team that wins the wacky race engagement steamrolls the other out of position team all the way back to their main. Sometimes results may vary.


Luckily, RAAS has modified this learned behavior somewhat but maybe "Fog Of War" will fix the Mad Max mentality.

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2 hours ago, Zylfrax791 said:

Everyone knows there is only one strategy in Squad AAS. Play every match like its v9. Everybody rushes the central flag except for a few dudes in a transport who grab the neutral flags. Then the team that wins the wacky race engagement steamrolls the other out of position team all the way back to their main. Sometimes results may vary.


Luckily, RAAS has modified this learned behavior somewhat but maybe "Fog Of War" will fix the Mad Max mentality.

Good luck with that. Meanwhile i'll rush your 2nd flag with a full squad and wipe your single man, and bang, no more capping for you.

It heavily depends on the map, regarding distance to flags and cap size.

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I guess Noobgamer's squad always wins because they've never been mortared and then attacked by infantry, or maybe they've never been attacked from multiple flanks, or surpressed from one flank to expose them to another. Or maybe, playing in a Squad is not in their dictionary. But really, you can take these tactics in GTA:V and they would work. You can take them to laser tag and they would work and I recommend watching some of these videos to anyone who is interested in becoming an immersed Squad player that wants to become a lesser liability to their squad and team.

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Have cleaned this thread a little. The forums aren't a personal battleground, to insult who you wish, nor is it a place to get into flamewars. 


Time to agree to disagree, and move on.

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These Tips are my personal standing orders derived from Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 teamwork playlist for training. Look it up and save it on YouTube. They can be used as orders. You may have seen them in the in-game chat with me as commander before or heard one of my after game lectures or had me as squad leader in Project Reality. Follow the Demonstrations in the playlist to break down how the skill subject lessons fed each order.

-To avoid getting killed by CAS get under overhead cover such as trees, buildings, bushes, sheds, tall grass. Police up cover and exposure of nearby friendlies to prevent them from drawing CAS fire to your area.

-When attacking but not in contact take extra care to avoid exposing yourself, keep watch for enemy close and far but avoid over exposing yourself. Be eye level with your cover and target zones, use camouflage by peeking through foliage.

-Always divide the fire and attention of the enemy before, during and after a firefight. Don't bunch up, spread out far enough away so that you are not sharing any possible incoming explosive impact angles with friendlies.

-When using smoke do not throw it directly on your position or on bodies that need to be revived. Throw smoke between you and where the enemy could possibly be if you don't know, throw smoke where there already isn't cover to fill in danger gaps.

-To effectively use camouflage as a unit don't stick out your body or weapon, peek through the leaves like camouflage netting, move the least amount behind foliage to get clear picture of target zone. Police up each others camouflage to avoid being compromised

-When not compromised use unit fire discipline and use camouflage with unit. Do not fire unless you see the enemy see you, call out "hold fire, enemy on (compass bearing) watch him till we are out of sight."

-When setting up ambush use unit fire discipline and camouflage, police all that up with positioning, keep friendlies out of desired target zones. Once set with enemy in sight, hold fire, pick targets left to right corresponding with your position. Await command.

-Claymores have a 40-45 meter reach and 60 degree arc in PR. Use the full range and arc when placing, keep friendlies out of claymore target zones. To daisy chain place one claymore, re-arm fully then right click.
More of Grump/Gump.45 standard orders learned from Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 teamwork playlist

-When defending or awaiting enemy to ambush in woodland/jungle maps watch and listen for disturbance from birds. Birds can be used for early warning when they fly off, keep friendlies out of desired target zones to avoid disturbing birds.

-When defending thick jungle or vegetative terrain, use camouflage with unit, use the disturbance of birds. Set up foxholes within un-shared possible explosive impact zones 10-20 meters apart to cover each other in camouflage. Fire at the height of a man if paranoid.

-Look up the "Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 teamwork" playlist to learn 20+ useful skills to survive and be more effective. Subjects include individual movement techniques, combat techniques of fire, individual fieldcraft camouflage, artillery, METT-TC and a lot more.

-When defending suppress all area and point target zones of cover and concealment for enemy at the height of a man where no friendlies are till you have accurate visible signs of enemy to shoot.

-When moving as a unit divide the fire and attention of enemy even if they don't see you. Move from cover to cover 1-3 seconds in the open maximum, keep something between you and possible enemy angles.

-You job as an individual in a firefight, especially with a rifle is to stay alive and draw the fire and attention of the enemy repeatedly to keep your friends alive. You are to distract from one direction holding all the attention while enemy is hit from opposite side.

-As insurgents with iron sights weapons in cache defense, don't go looking for the enemy, don't go looking for close combat, let it come to you. Fire out at the height of a man through foliage or other concealment at distance to suppress enemy.

-For sappers in Insurgency, set up defensive positions with roadblocks around the cache for cover watching down roads/paths. Use these positions to watch and cover sappers going down then coming back and police up access to the minefields to prevent teamkilling.

-As a sapper placing IEDs, mines, claymore or other ambush devices do not place it in sight of enemy. Hide mines in trash on ground, grass, single clusters of grass poking out of pavement etc. Manipulate enemy movements with cellphone IEDs into trash IEDs.

-When going to place mines in enemy path as an insurgent sapper, move with either a medic for their rope with smoke and/or the insurgent grenade booby trap kit for his smoke and extra booby traps to place per trip into minefield. Sapper teams help minefield navigation in and out

-When placing mines, booby traps or stone mine markers always place them on the opposite side of cover from where enemy will come from. Place mines, trip wires, stones markers on friendly side of cover. Place them at minefield entrances.
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3rd post of Grump/Gump.45 standing orders/tips learned from Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 teamwork playlist for training with 20+ skills to learn. Mix all standing orders together as they are needed to survive.

-For especially Snipers/Marksmen/Spotters/Officers but all other kits can apply this as well... Sit well back from Field Of View(FOV) of windows, port holes, gaps, ledges in cover or concealment such as debris, trash, bushes, trees with low hanging foliage branches without sticking out or showing the muzzle of your weapon. Use obstacles on roofs/furnishings in buildings to background camouflage your silhouette and fire through gaps within if possible for concealment. Only expose yourself to what you are currently looking at through scope. Match the background color of your silhouette to a furnishing inside the building if possible.

-One technique used by Snipers/Marksmen to manipulate enemy movements, danger space awareness and other psychological based factors is fire past the enemy in cover either just out of angle of window/behind berm etc. making sure no bullet impacts near enemy to avoid triangulation. It buys more time to scan other compass bearings and target zone sectors while pinning them behind length of cover. Enemy may move into sight of windows set you fired through and through the building with to avoid impact. For Example fire through 2 windows on the same floor through the building where enemy is out of angle.

-For Snipers/Marksmen/Spotters/Officers doing surveillance for long periods of time, or for anyone in woodland/jungle combat or playing Whack-A-Mole with your enemy in the desert. It helps to reduce eye fatigue by blinking one eye at a time. This way you avoid missing target/intel opportunities by having one eye open always even for the split second you blink.

-As a Sniper/Marksmen/Officer/Spotter or anyone small force of a squad or less in a enemy objective cap radius... Stealth, patience, vigilance, camouflage, noise, light(lighted areas), movement discipline are needed to survive for the critical moment when reinforcements begin the attack from another side and you need to pin enemy down then. Never try to kill all enemy as a lone infantry squad to NOT waste tickets and time to move into position for another attack. Wait it out.

-As a Sniper or Marksmen taking out any target, especially long range, get a comfortable position with your body, remain still and relaxed. Breath control by long deep breaths in and out slowly, steadily to reduce heart rate and stress of noises, close enemy, explosions, talking or general chaos around you. Line up and compensate shot. Do NOT click to fire, CLICK and HOLD fire(LMB) button to "squeeze" the trigger rather than pull it on exhale. This delays cycling the bolt-action till fire button released.

- As a Sniper/Marksmen circle critical target zones such as objectives to attack, defend or critical targets to neutralize and get to know the areas firing positions to change to and from as needed. Ideally you want each position to have a close nearby shared angle just out of sight of each other to watch 2 or more variations of the following together...Enemy FOB in angle or Friendly Defend Objective and Enemy Attack Objective in angle. Try your best to get 2 critical target zones in sight either by being in or near one of the attack/defend objective..

-For Snipers/Marksmen/Officers/Spotters or anyone else gathering intel you should be acoustically ranging every noise you hear from all around to get idea of what is happening around you. Take note of the sounds constantly to use the noises of explosions, firearms and ambient noises of jet/thunder etc. near you and/or your target zone to mask the shot of your rifle. Noises near the target zone only mask the sound to the target zone and noises near you mask the rifle sound within your area. They wont know what hit them.

-As a Sniper team or any squad using stealth let your enemy within your target zones get comfortable to kill many fast in one blow. Also you can kill in intervals of 1-5 minutes taking out critical targets such as TOW/HAT/Officer/Sniper/Medics as they come out. Leave the un-important targets alone so others feel comfortable. Take note of their behavior, knowledge and discipline with the 20+ skills. Kill the most skilled and cautious first once he is comfortable.

-As a Sniper/Marksmen if you have ammunition different from the regular rifles assigned to most kits for a differing distinction in sound... if no target is available when friendlies are pushing an objective with enemy out of sight to you. Stress the enemy by firing rounds as close as you can to areas where you think the enemy will be able to hear the rounds snapping over their head or hearing the general shot of the rifle. This will increase friendlies chance of survival more the closer you get.

-When sniping a target zone freely to get enemy pinned, if the enemy is very skilled they will be policing up each others cover, concealment and general exposure. Good practice is to shoot anything that looks like an enemy, it wont always look like the full expected shape of a human. Shoot anything where no friendlies are that looks suspicious like a dot, a head, a leg, a rifle barrel etc. Shoot it if you suspect it, track the sign of leg, rifle, barrel, slightly exposed equipment to lethal area of body for shot placement.

-When working with Snipers and/or marksmen call out and spot targets on bearing for them to take aim, be ready to fire as soon as you hear your Sniper/Marksman team fire theirs. Use the 3 Ds(Direction, distance, description of target). The Sniper and Marksmen are to work together with simultaneous shots, sniper always takes first shot then marksmen follows up immediately with semi-automatic cone of fire followed by everyone else.

-As a sniper, marksmen, officer or anybody in general who doesn't want to be obvious and get shot. Don't always go for the top floors of buildings for positions if you can get the same visual angle from a lower floor on your target zone. Same goes for cranes, highest mountain peaks or other obvious places.

-The procedures to safely finding an enemy sniper without him finding you first. Listen for first sign of enemy sniper, ask other sniper you are working with if his team fired to confirm. Also listen to slightly differing caliber sounds.(I.E Mosin Nagant Vs M40A1). Expose yourself to only one angle at a time as you look for sniper, look for any body parts, rifle or another sign of sniper sticking out from all possible positions from obvious spots to proper spots(A/C units, divided defilade clusters, obstacles to peek through gaps on).
4th post of Grump/Gump.45 tips thought of from Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 teamwork playlist, tips and methods for CQC learned from Mike Mah a Vietnam combat veteran on NoStressMike YouTube channel.

-As a defender of an objective in woodland/jungle terrain, use indirect fire support from mortars and CAS to hit areas that have camouflage, cover or enfilade fire angle position etc. away from your camouflaged foxholes 10-20 meters apart. Call in gradual creeping fire to clear enemy hiding close to you out of hand grenade range. Kill anything that's not in a hole, stay in your holes unless you communicated a position evacuation

-Use directional acoustic ranging methods to return fire at the height of a man on the enemy to give friendly enemy is shooting at covering fire. Engage the area where enemy rifle sound is as an area target till you have visible sign of enemy to shoot.

-Once you have expended half or less of your units ammo for effective firing techniques move up for CQC (close quarters combat) cover to cover 1-3 seconds exposed maximum, switch off drawing fire as it naturally happens to distract enemy. If you are not being shot at its your job to kill and be ready to react to do the same distraction for the man you saved.

-When charging an objective with CQC methods do not run directly to the enemy and don't stop at the enemy trying to kill them on the first pass, if you miss keep going. You run through and past them with your unit killing if you can with CQC weapons such as dropping grenades, shooting/suppressing defilades or bayoneting distracted enemy.

-To counter incoming charges of enemy from the closest bushes they use to get right up on you for their CQC charge, DO NOT throw grenades far, this is a waste as they will run right past them. If you must throw it right outside on the ground of your foxhole and take cover. This all happens within 5-15 seconds so be blinking one eye at a time to catch them when they pop up cover to cover on their 1-3 seconds.

- As a defender memorize your target zones and what is concealed behind bushes obscuring your FOV distance, use the bushes to dictate your positions as you take away possible enemy positions. Manipulate the cover/concealment enemy has. Ensure your position overlooking the target zone is within defend cap radius. Good distance between your camouflaged foxhole and the next un-occupied bush is 20 meters or more for manipulating maximum initial charge distance of enemy.

-Surround your units camouflaged foxhole positions with smoke grenades all around at the maximum throwing distance from outer edge foxholes to give the jungle and enemy between the smoke and you silhouettes backgrounding against the smoke. This may force them to come through and either effectively charge or walk into what they cant see getting slaughtered.

-The NVA and Vietcong would let their enemy get comfortable, if they were not attacking or doing anything to effect their enemy for extended periods it was always calculated to get the enemies guard down. This psychological warfare method versus impulsively attacking every moment, at every opportunity the enemy expected you to attack means the difference between getting 3 wounded/KIA and 15 wounded/KIA respectively when the actual time comes for the initial attack. Its un-expected.
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5th post of Grump/Gump.45 standing orders learned or inspired from Squad v12 Teamwork playlist lessons

-Techis .50 cal trucks for insurgents patrol the objective caches, moving forward into cover for driver and least amount of exposure needed for gunner on corners or road blocks. Do not one man techis or other mounted MG vehicles, keep them at range suppressing where no friendlies are to keep enemy on their toes. Use the ammo, re-arm, repeat. Techi trucks run insurgent transport

-Unless you are behind cover with mounted machine gun techi trucks defending the cache, don't sit still with the techi to shoot accurately at range with iron sights. Drive as fast as you can drawing attention and fire to the truck. Anticipate armor, TOW and incoming CAS directions to keep yourself and the vehicle near evasive cover to move to while driving fast. The machine gunners should be firing at the height of a man as best as they can no matter how bumpy or unstable to draw fire and practice aiming while going on bumpy rides. Longer you are exposed speeding and more you are watched more likely you will die.

-For ammo techy trucks run ammo to positions where sappers can re-arm from crates you placed in cover. Run ammo to good fighting position buildings/roadblocks close to the cache as well to encourage friendlies to man the position creating a decoy cache the enemy wastes time trying to reach.

-For rocket techy as insurgents defending the cache its recommended mortars are claimed as well to increase fire power capability on area targets. When firing over and past friendlies fire farther than needed then bring it in closer, with enemy between artillery and friendlies position, fire shorter then gradually increase range. Learn from Karmakuts Rocket Techi tutorial, Cpt.MikeMei mortar tutorial and the Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 Teamwork playlist Artillery skill subject.

-As insurgents setting up positions waiting for enemy to come within sight of routes to the cache position yourself to control the maximum possible engagement range all around. Ideally 50-100 meters is good for acquiring accurate targets quickly when watching full time. Set up positions to shoot at different ranges with each appropriately manned with kits and proper cover.

-As insurgents engaging long range targets as part of a group, fire at the height of a man on all area and point targets of cover and concealment until you have accurate signs of the enemy to shoot. This will have many effects including making them move more slowly and cautious later on as they get closer. This among many other factors buys you time and advantages.

-When using bomb cars/trucks to attack enemy move from cover to cover, along the length of cover out of sight of the enemy as long and as far as possible while traveling. Do this until you are at the final speed stretch to detonate right on the enemy, especially stay out of sight angle of armor/mounted MG vehicles till at target destination.

-When setting up grenade traps or IEDs don't be lazy setting them up close to cache where friendly is more likely to pass through before enemy. Go to areas with choke points, areas of possible search, exploration or possible travel to cache. Place the grenade traps/IEDs in the specific spots enemy would have to pass through that no friendly would reasonably pass through for safety reasons. This helps to avoid teamkilling a lot with mines. Don't forget to conceal IEDs/grenade traps in camouflage or slightly behind cover concealing critical parts.

-When attacking area targets with small arms fire, even if you miss your enemies with every bullet fired, the enemy will be hesitant to fire back and may be suppressed with their vision blurred. The enemy could also fight through this deterrent fire method by avoiding the random bullet impact angles near them while remaining the least exposed so their vision is not obscured as they search for targets. Hit every window, corner, doorway, sections of foliage in your target zone and anywhere the enemy could fire from.

-When the enemy is on their final breach to the cache, along with supplementing the small arms security on fatal funnel hallways, stairs and other narrow final paths... its useful to have a few guys constantly re-arming their grenades to clear the outside of buildings throwing grenades out of windows/doors. Or for caves/tunnels throwing going just a few meters further than the enemy grenades can reach friendlies behind. Careful to not get killed in friendly fire barrages while going down or coming back to throw grenades.

-Use the insurgent PKM machine guns as highly mobile HMGs, their 7.62x54mmR round is devastating in covering narrow roads, alleys, hallways, caves. It is also useful for manning roadblock trenches to engage long range area targets without getting killed in the trash roadblock trenches. The enemy wont risk going or wont like going through the fire the PKM can put down over a field of fire.

-To get the most accurate fire as insurgents, set your primary weapon to semi-auto if needed, when you have a stationary target look at it through your binoculars. Line up the target just under the vertical 3 on the reticule, don't move your mouse, switch to your primary weapon. Have it pre-set to semi-automatic before firing or looking, remember to not move your mouse after setting target in the binoculars then aim down sight. Hit target on a cone of fire after initial most accurate shot.

-Even with insurgents firing wildly into their cache path target zones without enemy knowingly "present", bullets will land in the most random of places. You could have an enemy crawling through trash, been hiding behind the limited urban obstacle cover scared out of his mind as close as 10 meters or as far as 500+ meters from defensive cache positions. For enemies not hiding within that mess they will spend their time thinking about things like "what is going on over there" instead of thinking how to get past it effectively.

-When area attack, mortars, armor or anything with high explosive damage attacks narrow trash roadblock trench positions... you must dig constantly till the attack is over to keep your cover up and useful. Have 1 medic per trench to heal. Repair and maintain cover to full capacity, check periodically to maintain even if there was no major explosions. Its useful to have one of the insurgent combat engineer kits in the roadblock trenches instead of looking for FOBs with that kit.

-For the insurgent combat engineer backpack kit, with the artillery IEDs and double mortar IEDs its best for them to go to the cache and daisy chain their cellphone IEDs just out of blast radius of the cache. More duties include checking the cache periodically for damage to repair it, repairing damaged vehicles that come to the cache still having ammo to use, being the final man alive at the cache ready to blow both sets of daisy chained IEDs once no more friendlies in blast zones.

-Every cache building needs one cache guard squad. If only one squad is available to defend a cache they are to get inside the final cache paths, buddy teams of 2 at least per final hallway. They are to lay low until reinforcements arrive to secure the building and search surrounding buildings for enemy who may be searching for the cache. Once reinforcements have secured cache site resume standard effective cache defense operations.

-Do not rush the enemy as insurgents on foot or in vehicles without good reason to giving the enemy intelligence points. We need to defend one cache as long as possible by keeping their intelligence points down by not giving them easy kills. Don't go looking for a fight, let it come into your defensive positions angle with proper support to engage with you. Use martyrs appropriately without them getting arrested to draw enemy into fighting positions.

-When 2 caches are known everybody should be at a cache within a short 100-200 meter perimeter. When 2 caches are up it divides our forces in half to defend where the enemy could dump all 50 of their players onto one cache for attack. So its critical during 50 vs 50 to have 25 at each cache supporting the defense. This will prevent enemy overrunning and silencing defensive positions. With one cache up keep 300-400 meter perimeter around that one cache, with 2 draw back to 100-200 meters to close perimeter gaps due to less people.

-To use civilian martyrs your team is dependent on you to not get arrested, to draw enemy into your friendlies booby traps or firing positions and to get killed by the enemy. Keep yourself out of range of the enemies shotguns and hand cuffs, it helps to move with a few smart insurgent 10+ meters away who can watch and save you. To get killed as a civilian use these following methods, have out your binoculars or shovel.. don't ever be empty handed, pretend to take cover showing yourself to snipers or any enemy with a scope. Give them a body part to shoot at, go bleed out and die somewhere safe away from friendlies if not dead on initial penetration.


6th installation of Grump's tips/orders

-As insurgents require the enemy to use proportional force to the threat you pose as insurgents by using civilian martyrs in explosive suppression impact zones and in the way of other suppression or breach hazards.

-Learn to drive in Project Reality/Squad as if it is real life, not only will you crash less but you will prevent running over friendlies. Watch your speed when near friendlies who are on foot, slow down on tight turns/curves. Only times to go full speed are for evasion and traveling on unobstructed straight roads you can maintain control of high speeds on

-Fire and move away from your own tracers and friendlies last tracer outgoing locations immediately and keep up the fire as you go, this will draw fire to areas you have already vacated and make you seem like a larger force than you really are. As well as making the enemy miss. 4 guys can feel like 8+, this method also gives machine gunners good covering fire.

-If you cannot aim for your target zones without being acquired as a target by your enemy too quickly, suppress from behind cover firing as close to over the enemy heads as you can to get them in cover. Keep in mind this will only work until the enemy realizes that psychological warfare you doing up over their heads, use the limited time to move or accomplish something.

-Lay near potential enemy fighting positions in camouflage over looking the cap zone at the farthest visual distance that will intersect with their likely direction of approach. Be a look out for defending forces and a harassing guerilla, patrol a ring perimeter all positions moving 1-3 seconds or less in the open camo to camo. Knife enemy then throw their grenades on blast radius to cover your escape causing chaos, have confidence and speed with this method and you will survive. Just Do It

-Go outside in real life, smell the ground, smell the plants, feel the suns heat, prone in the shade of a dense bush cluster, get friendly with the bugs, feel the wet muddy ground. Smell the smokeless powder, get eye level with the cover a good fighting position of tree roots or good defilade. This will immerse you further and give you an idea of the feeling as you are playing Project Reality/Squad.

-When fighting in a woodland, jungle, anything of dense vegetation, urban rubble of ruins environments... take up good position with your fire teams within objectives. You are not looking for human shaped or sized object, if you can see them that is great but engage anything that moves or looks suspicious within your managed target zones keeping friendlies out of the target zones until a controlled breach or communicated adjacent position occupation can be accomplished.

-Set up in sight of each other, cover all possible positions and angles enemy could fire on you or your friendlies by locking down the target zones, scan across your mates backs, area targets and each point target position every 1-10 seconds should a enemy peek a target quickly. Give the enemy no chance to see anything, be ready to shift maintaining this same method to a new position within objective before grenades and return fire mimicking suppression comes in.

-When running armor such as APC or TANK, upon entering the combat zone within possible field of view of enemy spotters or other threats... Know there is no stealth with armor unless against other armor that has no or little effective intelligence along with your proper use of terrain features concealing your armor target body. Once armor threats are down feel free to suppress target zones with explosive impact zones and MG area targets, re-arming, repeating. Assess your damage for the infantry confidence to push

-When running armor do not bunch up the armor for any reason, use the same skills you would as infantry but with the body of a armored vehicle. All skills such as cover, concealment, communication, proper spacing without bunching up, terrain features for safe travel, combat techniques of fire, intuitive based X-Ray vision for hitting parts of armor concealed by foliage, target identification and proper scanning methods to stay alive.

-For tank machine gunners you should be very good at using iron sights and spotting enemy target dots alone with effective firing techniques. Your job is to hit area targets and point targets once in the danger zone of many threats, know your tanks status as far as being compromised. Fire at the height of a man everywhere a HAT/LAT/ close combat engineer sapper could be hiding. Use good fire control methods of 3-5 or 5-10 round bursts to conserve ammo surviving until enemy armor is down.

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7th installation of Grump's survival orders and methods from the Squad v12 and Project Reality teamwork playlist

-For helicopter pilots transporting troops, take a look at where you are requested to take the guys in the chopper. If it is too dangerous of a location due to distance from possible enemy tell the squad you are transporting the safest, next closest landing zone you can take them to. Tell the squad 500 meters is 2 minutes on foot, 1000 meters is 4 minutes.

- Ideally as a chopper pilot your chosen route should provide cover of hills or concealment of tall forests. Stay out of range of enemy until you have the final safe direction approach. If you go around and come from enemy main direction you can confuse enemy.

-As a chopper pilot who needs to go into a hot landing zone to pick up or drop off troops and supplies, to ensure survival call in artillery or for airstrikes designated by ground forces or yourself on the map on areas the enemy could possibly fire on you from. Reduce the window of opportunity that your chopper is a target, don't come in from the same directions each time.

-As a transport squad leader if you are evacuating a defensive unit who needs to move up to the next defensive cap zone, but they are still under attack work out a LZ for them to break contact and fall back to. Help out by communicating the plan to your commander and giving him a marker to mark for evacuating squad leaders pre planned LZ. This is faster than the squad leader evacuating having to look for that grid and mark it for his squad or having to plan it himself (Stresses Grump Out).

- As a transport pilot for fast hover drop off, 10 meters is the proper elevation to safely drop troops un-injured on to the ground without landing. Watch and get a feel for this elevation, remember to not be moving except to turn chopper during the fast drop.

-Drop supplies for troops in cover close to their fighting positions if you have the time, behind clusters of foxholes, defilades, good camouflage positions to keep them alive. This will allow them to access ammo quicker without running out into the open to get ammo from a poorly placed crate, giving them more immediate firepower and grenades. 2 crates close together in same spot allows for faster grenade re-arms.

-A chopper gunners job is to suppress all areas of cover and concealment where no friendlies are upon entering the most likely possible danger zones where enemy could spot or hear the choppers direction. They should also jump out upon landing with the troops as only flares and evasive maneuvers will save the chopper from AA and other return fire. For CAS door gunner who stay in suppress everywhere no friendlies are on attack runs.


8th installation of Grump/Gump.45 standing orders from Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 teamwork playlist

-Program your mind to survival, awareness and communication. Be aware like a radar using senses of sight, sound... know all possibilities in any situation based on angles, assets, safety, terrain etc both on your teams end and the enemies end. Be aware of what enemy may know or assume. The goal is first to stay alive to keep the objective. Keep others alive.

-Your mind is the greatest weapon regardless of the kit you have, don't let the enemy mess with your mind or manipulate you and do everything to mess with the enemies. I.E use methods like probing fire giving the enemy tracers to shoot back at revealing their position to you, force enemy out of terrain by shooting at them even when you don't see them. Stress them.

-Base teamwork off METT-TC considerations (Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops - Time, Civil considerations) to apply to each situation. It should be considered before and during each match to keep people alive, Mission is always to keep people alive first to complete objectives. Think about enemy equipment and how they might use terrain to survive with it. Know all possibilities and in depth status of friendly/enemy/objectives then apply time to be more effective and better anticipate enemy.

-Use less ammo than the enemy, draw fire to your location in one spot by shooting less than what enemy is using. Shoot through foliage, through loop holes, over rubble or other areas of concealment remaining eye level with it to stay least exposed. Once enemy attention is drawn to a location move to another, waste the enemy ammo and time by being frustrating target.

-Use tracers to direct your teams firepower identifying target zones with both outgoing and incoming tracers. For a team with iron sights going up against scopes use the tracers of the team with scopes to direct large volumes of firepower aimed with iron sights over and around the enemy general location. Saturate all areas at the height of a man, don't forget to be eye level with your cover/concealment.

-Stay out of angle of enemy armor especially if it has thermal FLIR vision, don't peek to look at it, don't stand up around friendlies hiding from it, move around it behind deep cover and don't give it any target opportunity. Always be aware if you are going to be exposed to it from a future or current position, make sure others are aware of the danger. Don't get other people killed.

-Apply window of opportunity concept to every situation. For example the window of opportunity to be shot, to be seen, the time to safely move, the window of time where no armor will be a threat. Wait for these windows of opportunity and manipulate them to you advantage. It can make a sniper shoot a specific location or get a full squad across open desert.

-This historic explanation I(Grump) learned about colonial volunteers questioning their orders as noted by French General Marquis de Lafayette in the American Revolution explains the structure of my orders. "These Americans frequently question every order and carry it out slowly, or even with incompetence.. they seem to more effectively follow orders once a justification, description or explanation follows it or is included."-General Lafayette letter, source YT:channel -Yale Courses- Search-Yale Courses American Revolution professor Freeman.

-When throwing smoke grenades from within cover and/or concealment such as a field of tall grass. Arc the throw of your smokes low enough for them to go far, but not too high of an arc that the enemy can immediately track the origination of that smoke throw. This way you avoid attracting immediate fire and attention from throwing smoke.

-When crossing open ground with a lot of distance to cross before your next safe cover or concealment position, always while under the risk enemy fire use what is called the "Rush" technique for moving. Its a 1-3 second sprint then going prone through tall grass or using far away cover to angle yourself away from possible enemy firing positions. You run 1-3 seconds, go prone whether seen or not, always moving forward and to the left forward or right forward by crawling the repeating sprint

-A good basic defensive positioning technique for the defend objective is to use a fence line, berm line or other linear obstacle you can see along the whole length of. Build foxholes and emplacements along the fence line and facing HMGs towards areas of cover, foliage concealment or otherwise good terrain for enemy to get close without being seen. The enemy will have to either engage and/or cross the open ground or follow the fence line to your position within objective.

-When you are the last man in a defend or enemy objective on a failed attack, there is no shame in playing dead. This deceptive practice can lead to causing mayhem for the enemy. To play dead find a good spot with bodies, rubble or other inconspicuous spot, face yourself a good direction to watch. Drop kit, prone, put hands up, don't move. Enemy cap zones may have crates with many rifleman kits dropped next to it, sneak to crates, clear the area with their un-used grenades/smokes. Don't forget to cycle your own kit every time you can drop your kit again.

-When securing an objective and patrolling/waiting for counter attack check all the bodies to confirm that they are dead, utilize enemy munitions such as un-used LAT/HAT, grenades, ammo bags, ropes and machine guns for suppression. Call out when you are using enemy weapons in local to avoid confusion, call it out many times before, during and after you fire enemy weapons.

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10th installation of Grumps tips

-When you build an HMG nest of .50 cal emplacements you may notice you come under accurate fire within that HMG box often. To reduce the effectiveness of the enemy fire throw smoke grenades at least the max throw distance from the HMG. Visually memorize your target zone and suppress through the smoke, enemy will miss more.

-To place effective counter laze to draw enemy CAS fire away from objective or your position place your laze 100 meters off your position in a believable location away from friendlies. Call out your laze location to other squads to make sure their squad mates stay away from counter laze. If enemy infantry or vehicle is in the area place counter laze on it while you hide in hopes of a trigger happy enemy CAS gunner even if your own CAS is down.

-When defending a position that is scarce on ammo with no way to re-supply, as a leader apply and set fire control techniques to control rates of suppression as needed to keep the position defended and defenders alive. When not in contact call out for probing fire 1 round every 3-30 seconds as needed, when in contact call for 1 round every 1-15 seconds with mag dumps as needed. Encourage good shot placement and enforce height of a man as deep as you can.

-When defending a position call out for ammo checks when ammo is scarce. Call out in a top to bottom fashion based on map position whether north to south or west to east "Belts, nades and mags, from north man to south man call out how many you got?"... Fix up positioning and dictate your survival orders based on status of everything. Call for those without ammo to set themselves up like camouflaged trap spiders with their knives, preferably sneaking to nearest possible enemy firing position or wounded enemies.

-When you see a friendly start to move cover him immediately by suppressing known and unknown possible enemy positions to draw fire and attention to yourself as a priority target. Divide the fire and attention away from your friendlies by firing and moving to set this naturally occurring non-communicated teamwork action as an example for them to mimic.


11th Installation of Grump/Gump.45 tips inspired by lessons learned from the "Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 teamwork playlist"

-When a enemy flag is about to go neutral stay at your defense flag if you are under contact to prevent back capping. Focus on surviving and suppressing, request status reports on enemy cap percentage so you can start moving out as early as possible. Regroup off the defense cap you can leave. Enemy attacking squads may still come for you.

-Once the enemy objective is close to being neutral let the transport squad know you will need a ride from a safe LZ away from the defense objective. Pre-plan a safe LZ you can make it to using terrain, camouflage, smoke grenades or other methods. Enemy may chase you away from the old defense objective so be prepared to protect chopper from LAT and stick in sight of each other to get in chopper faster.

-Don't throw color smoke directly on LZ for chopper pick up, never throw smoke for FOB crate drops. Use color smoke as distraction away from friendly forces to make it seem like a bigger push is coming from another direction. Use color smoke as a visual reference with a direction and range from the smoke for what you are referencing.

-When making callouts on the map don't just say the Grid and keypad, give a map reference point and direction, distance estimation at least and description from it to save squad leaders the time like "South of the radio tower enemy 300 meters heading north"..."North Eastern side of the city tanks moving south 50 meters outside perimeter"... "In the fields east of the factory 600 meters super FOB"

-If you are the last man defending an objective and still outnumbered by enemy with no chance of getting medic up, or worse no medic play dead. Drop your kit away from other kits and each other(if 2 playing dead for more guerilla chaos), go prone and put your hands up. Get in a good spot, facing a good way on some rubble/trash/grass/table leg/chair leg/box corner/rock or something to hide one of your elbows angled for hands on head. Don't move, listen for footsteps. Take screen shots, use your grenades or find some from a kit/crate/dead enemy at the opportune moment to hit bunched enemies then RUN... S.E.R.E - Survive, Escape, Resistance, Evasion

-When playing dead provide intel for friendlies, mark the position with color smoke grenades, sneak around checking kits. Smoke up the enemies face and your area to sneak around in. Run around in the smoke punch one and run to create paranoia for enemy to TK each other, find the enemy crates for their rifleman kits, throw their grenades. Manage your kit drop function properly without spamming it to drop your kit/enemy kit when needed. Fire their rifles in the enemy direction from crate. Ambush anyone who checks. Beat AFKs up with your fists.

-When playing dead you may find for some reason that you cant move due to enemy being in the area, keep at it. Don't move or your whole body moves. If you must turn your whole body take your chance to do it fast right after enemy passes. Face toward the whole squad. The reaction of enemy may be funny and abnormal as if they "saw something", they may even start to calmly shoot you if you move, they may not notice it. The enemy may start to check kits of "dead" bodies. Don't let him get your kit, or let him get your kit then take his running to a dead friendly body. Don't let him kick your body or you move QUITE NOTICEABLY if he touches/pushes against you.

-When choosing a spot to play dead do it among other bodies whether enemy or friendly to camouflage yourself so you don't stand out. If you have to play dead while traveling due to enemy vehicle or enemy squad passing by your camouflage you will be forced to be a lone body most likely. Over open desert where minimal camouflage plants are available play dead and hope the passing enemy doesn't question your lone body, keep your "dead" body out of far long range angles of snipers who may have seen you do it while watching his friendly vehicles path.


12th installation of tips by Grump/Gump.45 for survival

-When playing insurgency as a team for the BluFor don't move around as one lone squad separate from the larger force. This just wastes tickets in the end and time. First step as BluFor is to move out to a place to build up superFOBs that support each others security to harvest kills. Do not attack caches until both caches are known to force enemy to divide their forces a bit.

-When moving out of main deployment zones into areas enemy could sight you in don't bunch up, keep the spread of vehicles so insurgent area attacks or mortar fire don't kill more than one vehicle. 2 superFOBs to build, suppress and move out from to scout and probe areas for enemy contacts that present likely cache locations to suppress. Focus on surviving and harvesting kills.

-Use every asset you can to send out into kill zones to ensure enemy is dead once spotted. Defend superFOBs and build them wide so mortar/bomb car assets don't take it all out at once. Keep the enemy at distance and control enemy movements, force them to come in through only one uncovered area of terrain with difficult visibility then cover the edge of that terrain exit.

-Keep APCs/AAV/LAV/Bradley fighting vehicle assets separated from each other with a .50 cal jeep vehicle covering armor from enemy fire. Dividing fire and attention further of the enemy and suppressing target zones where there are no friendlies on concealed avenues of enemy approach.

-Keep infantry at distance from insurgents and keep them spread out, only one person at a time should be hurt by RPG, bomb car or other insurgent weapons. The blast radius of these weapons dictates the spread you need to enforce among the infantry and armor. Even if APCs are spread out near by infantry makes them a juicy target for the enemy to hit. Give infantry something to do within their area of spread.

-Once both caches are up focus all 50 of your BluFor to attack one cache at a time and overwhelm it. Suppress, Obscure, Secure, Reduce and Assault (SOSRA). Send in every kind of enemy clearing asset you can at long range from TOWs, LAT/HAT, 40mm grenades, hand grenades, .50 cal. Send in a minimum set amount with prepared re-arms. Breach once APCs need to re-arm.

-If suppression from pre-breach assets was not enough and enemy held out in cover pull back keeping everyone alive, all the tickets alive with minimum losses and wait for APCs and other breach assets to bring ammo. Keep breach entry perimeters secure. Establish infantry squads in buildings/positions on the edge of the weapons cache area to surveil for enemy. Suppress one sector while infantry clears house to house.

-Once C4 is on cache pull all the infantry out to surrounding perimeters to draw enemy to BluFor positions on revenge attacks and to prevent insurgents from escaping to the next cache. Shift to another good location to SuperFOB, suppress and push out from for the next cache attack or harvest kills if needed to keep 2 caches known.

-Enforce in your squads to only shoot at enemy if they are armed with weapons in their hands or other gear on their body to identify enemy with shovel or binoculars also has a weapon. Gear like backpacks, head rag mask shemaghs, load bearing belts with shoulder harness, chest rigs, holsters, visible worn grenades, knives or of course FIREARMS. Do not shoot unarmed civilians. This costs -5 intel points from the 50 needed for each cache.

-Be cautious when moving toward cache locations, don't just walk toward any area without it being watched from distance from friendlies who have angles inside. Everyone, from the people in rear covering to the rifles moving up need to watch for IEDs, anything suspicious looking in the road and even more careful for spots that could have camouflaged IED. Examine trash/grass/papers/debris/wood/trash piles/rubble/ruins/bodies closely. They may have an IED camouflaged among it. If you are not getting shot at in the moment and have cover, take your time, move slowly. Ask for cover to check everything. Crawl to check for IED, call for the combat engineer to probe trash hiding IEDs completely to clear a footpath.

-Don't bunch up to provide security with anything, you don't need to be in the same spot as each other to see the same target zone. Pick unique looking positions that give you angles outward that divide the fire and attention of enemy to spot you. Static cars, dumpsters, telephone poles, fallen trees, logs, trash pile defilades(body goes through static map trash for good camouflage), under truck trailers, over rubble/debris or other creative positions enemy will have trouble seeing you at. Avoid cover with linear walls that your body breaks outline of, this makes you stand out.

-Ideally set up as many super FOBs as you can directly on their 200 meter separation zones to get up as many suppression and over watch assets for security. Get AA emplacements up as well for indirect fire for target zones available from those angles. Best to give order to "hold fire unless you see the enemy see you or get shot at" to identify and confirm armed enemy and not CIVILIAN before firing any asset based on the ROE(see manual).

-Some civilians will be spotters sitting there in the street or on a roof as early warning to enemy below and may be a trap to draw in guys to arrest. Be careful they didn't put IEDs in trash path of the civilian that the civilian might draw you into and/or his armed insurgent friends. Surround the area of the civilian and let the breacher get him with the shotgun or 2 guys with cuffs out get security from 2 guys with rifles. Don't kill civilians.

-Watch out for insurgents playing dead. Also if you find the ammo techy crate stashes that takes care of your trash/camouflaged IED problem to wait at the crates in ambush... or at least new ones. Sappers frequently play dead as their pistol is not sufficient for dealing with BluFor squads of 8. So don't bunch up for those IEDs or insurgents playing dead. Some sappers moving through hostile terrain when in sudden sight of enemy or just before being seen play dead where they are crawling to place their IED after BluFor passes.

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13th installation of Grump/Gump.45 tips

-When building FOBs place them on friendly sides of the map based on main base and objective. Build one back up one maybe for your first flag then 2 for the defense flag, 2 for attack flag then last 1(or 2) can be placed as needed. Always place FOBs in camouflage under trees, in bushes or other non-obvious places enemy will look or see it.

-For defense objectives place a defense FOB with its 200 meter perimeter to overlap defense flag, same for attack flags. This way you can get assets inside the flag cap perimeter without having the FOB in the cap perimeter enemy will eventually over run. You can use the emplacements as cover giving each TOW/HMG/AA its own foxhole to cover it while friendlies can still spawn in.

-Don't put 2 HMGs next to each other like a lazy squad leader. Move at least 50 meters(incoming mortar round deviation) away from the HMG or TOW you placed and put it else where. If you want your TOW watching the same direction as your HMG or want the HMGs watching the same area place it in a different spot that can see that area out of blast radius. Each assets foxhole should be able to see and cover another assets foxhole.

-If you want a "3rd HMG" set up a foxhole where you want your medium machine gunner positioned, away from your other 2 HMG keeping the spread out for incoming explosives. With each asset in place cover the other with a manned foxhole the enemy cant come close to kill everyone easily. Call for ammo to be placed right outside the foxholes as close as possible. The more suppression you put out the more clear it will be of enemy.

-Once all assets are manned with a foxhole guarding each one put up foxholes to cover the foxholes that guard the assets. Always place in the edge of cap even if it means forward of the assets, the assets cover those foxhole and the foxholes cover those assets. Just set up the positions, make sure they are manned and maintained as they take damage. Set up assets so they have safe lower ground defilade entry to crawl into if needed.

-Place assets so the enemy cant get accurate fire onto each of them at the same time. Building one HMG on the side of a hill then another on the other side of the hill covering different directions means the enemy can only shoot one or the other. Also using rocks on the mountains to build assets out of sight of enemy to be hit 2 or more at once applies same concept. Out of sight of enemy for 2 but each position covers at least one other.

-When you build a super FOB give your friendlies foxholes. They provide protection for the assets and its easier for a dark silhouette of yourself to be hidden in plain sight peeking out of foxhole turret sections than over light colored grass or sand. Stay crouched in the foxholes treating the turrets like windows not standing in the middle of the windows so others can shoot out of that same turret and so you don't expose yourself to what isn't in your sights ready to be shot.

-When available place foxholes in sight of each other camouflaged in the trees with the foxhole dug around the tree in the center. Low hanging branches provide camouflage for the person in the foxhole and extend out far enough in some clusters to camouflage it completely. Utilize this method along with all others to keep everyone in sight of each other but not visible to each other. Enemy doesn't have cover in this situation except the environment.

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14th installation of Grump/Gump.45 survival scenario tips inspired by Squad v16 teamwork playlist lessons and the common sense concepts they teach..

-If the enemy should breach your building coming to the room you are in and there is no time to reload pull out your knife and get in a corner watching a door in a inner section of a room, be far back enough enemy wont see you as they walk through. As soon as an enemy walks in expect another, if there is no other knife that enemy then run out to low floors sprinting/pushing past enemies on your way down. If enemy faces you either rush or fall back. You will probably get shot at on way down causing enemy to shoot each other. Focus on speed, distance, field of view, obstacles which includes lining up with enemy body for split seconds when possible as you run because they don't want to shoot each other. Every second to second factor that increases chances of survival

-If your building like a T-building or other occupiable building gets overrun and there is no way out of the bottom stairwell or if you are being chased run to the roof. Run to a section of the roof that has a balcony just below it to just to sticking out the side of the building to jump down to or jump to another roof/window vault to lower window. If you can get to the bottom of the stairwell enemy pushed up again pretend you are counter breaching back up, suppress the sides of the building so enemy hears your rifle downstairs. Anticipate their response and position up to block them in. Then run away to re-group/prepare to defend against what they think may be coming up, while you block their stairwell escape.

-When APC/IFV vehicles with 20mm,30mm, or 40mm explosive rounds come along to shoot a building you are occupying get back away from the windows and rooms with windows. The armor could suppress and saturate every available visual explosive angle. Get to the most central parts of the building while suppression is up taking cover behind furniture/counters/cabinets inside. Communicate and make sure everyone is aware of that so multiple friendlies don't peek the armor.

-When moving down from roof tops hastily use many obstacles to break your fall using controlled drops to the next safest lower obstacle. This is Project Reality Parkour, used from lower buildings and even possible from some higher buildings. Obstacles such as metal shop signs, curved overhangs, window air conditioning units, ground air conditioning units, fallen leaning telephone poles, cars, lower structures on lower roof tops, solar panels will reduce or completely eliminate injury when you drop. Get creative. Squad gameplay is like the Call Of Duty campaign on steroids if you about that action and can survive it.

-If enemy should rope up into your building get your breacher to throw his rope on the ground and grab the enemy rope, preferably with someone watching the lower rope for the first enemy to pass. So you can grab it while a few are climbing up high instead of many low. If you need to throw a rope without the enemy hearing it or not noticing the sound as much wait for loud explosions or vehicles to drive/fly by to throw it. Use ropes for quick rappel escapes from larger forces, cover the man with the rope

-Get the enemy to shoot at you by drawing fire away from friendlies to give your friendlies the opportunity to find the enemies location when they shoot at you. Shoot back accurately when possible but always suppress if the enemy is not down. This suppression will show you exactly where the enemy is at the bullet impacts on top of the Direction, Distance, Description(three D's) location call out. Naturally this will keep large sections of woods/jungle/desert berms clear for a good distance far as the bullets travel. Switch off between drawing fire as your friendlies suppression will draw fire to enemy from another direction, giving you something to keep busy with firing and moving to new spots. It chaotic and manipulates the nature of how people respond to the sounds of their enemies weapon

-Use different firing methods to hit your enemy based on the situation needed to kill them or keep friendlies safe. Probing fire, recon by fire, grazing fire, plunging fire, suppressing fire.. 1 round every 5-30 seconds to probe for enemy to get them to fire back in probing/recon by fire until you see something move, scan aggressively as you probe. Move away from your and friendlies last outgoing tracer spots in work area of cap zone, not going back to same spot until others have been used. Control the rate of fire based on the threat, 1 round every 1-30 seconds all the way to full mag dumps height of a man for grazing fire. Kill to keep friendlies safe, but don't let waiting for an accurate target that you can hiut in one spot you already shot at get you or a friendly killed. When you seen them get a shot off on them. If you saw an enemy take cover or concealment in camouflage after shooting accurately at him suppress the cover/concealment where enemy isn't showing himself or hard to see to get him to come out or stay pinned. Suppress before friendly goes in.

-Use accurate suppression for known known visible point targets, sending accurate rounds at accurate rates of fire for the specific weapon you are using. Use accurate suppression for known unknown on area targets of cover or concealment at the height of a man you saw run into the woods/jungle/urban alley. Use traversing probing suppression in grazing fire(height of a man) for unknown unknown targets that would other wise slip past you or come up on you and catch you slipping un-seen. Clear them woods with bullets.

-If you need to get the jump on a enemy silently, you are in wait for other sound loud enough to mask the sound of your footsteps crouched. Give the order to any friendlies to only move when there are loud sounds of fighting, vehicles, explosions or a lot of enemy footsteps to mask yours. Squad secure each section of the area while only 2 quietly go up to enemy. Once first enemy is in sight don't fire unless the enemy sees you, bring up the rest for fast breach while covering enemy room/area with rifle then knife enemy. If enemy sees you this triggers aggressive breach and removes all need for slow movements. Learn difference between moving slow for stealth and moving slow for combat with each purpose for survival. Same angle work to pin or point out enemy room, if enemy is not neutralized fast it gives time to create un-wanted contact and stand-off which takes more time to complete objectives.

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15th post of Grump/Gump.45 tips and methods to try Learn many of these concepts from the Squad v16 and Project Reality 1.5 Teamwork playlist or Squad Teamwork playlist for short... Weapon Flow in Compressed Environments tip section

-When breaching buildings/enclosed areas first men in push the corners to the left and right or straight forward if the entry door is on the right side of outside wall(or other variations to adapt). As 2nd man if you see the 1st man go right, 2nd man goes left, easy to naturally do without communication before or during. Same for the rest of the breach team to spread out within this way.

-Don't be lazy, don't try to shoot from behind your friends head. Either you let him work that corner and don't be a risk to the back of your friends head. Or you can be like a real professional and assist your team member in a compressed weapon flow environment by putting your weapons muzzle past his flesh, shoulder to shoulder. This way incase you will not be able to anticipate your friends movements as well he will not accidentally run into your weapons muzzle getting shot because it is past his body and muzzle flashing in his peripherals indicating to him that he is receiving support, instead of just having more rounds snap by his head not knowing if its trying to help or kill him.

-Move fast so you don't give the enemy time to react, don't sit around breach building compromised like you don't know grenades will come out. If possible when not in contact move up on your series of breach buildings keeping the buildings out of visual angle until you reach them for stealth breach. Initiate breach preparations(frag man, shotgun man, positions) once building is in sight, clear doorways and windows from distance to see inside.

-Don't sit still for enemy scopes along with not over exposing yourself to the enemy. Motionless Operators Ventilate Easily(M.O.V.E), only expose yourself to one direction at a time keeping dangerous thing like sniper/TOW/armor/HMG out of visual angle of yourself, meaning you shouldn't see it in sight to survive. Everyone looks a different way that scans into shared visual angles.

-When breaching a building to give the enemy no time to react call out the grenades you are throwing in. Don't go into the building until all grenades have gone off, keep people back, as soon as the last one goes off first man goes in. If 1-3 grenades went in on a un-compromised stealth breach at the same time for initial breach don't throw a 4th to go off seconds after last explosion or you will lose the initiative jump on enemy from the sudden blurred suppression/stress.

-Come up with a plan to keep out of sight of the buildings you want to breach until you reach them and stick to the plan, along with making sure the rest of your squad sticks to the plan. Ensure your guys are spread out but not to the point they walk in a position they can be seen from far away in plain sight sticking out of the ground, or some other way they are exposed. Everyone is to police up each others cover/concealment with exposure or ONE imbecile along with all who cluelessly follow without awareness of exposure will compromise the whole team.

-Keep the target zones of direction the enemy will come from clear of friendly, if its the direction enemy will come from or enemy is coming from within their own smoke.... don't enter the defense/attack flag zone that way or you will be suddenly confused for enemy. Go in the safer way near other friendlies, but not so close you get them killed by following 1 meter behind rather than 10+ meters to the left or right behind friendly. If you see 2 people in any spot already move to a different spot to see what they are looking at.

-Spread out left to right, forward and backwards of each other out of all possible explosive impact angles no matter the situation or terrain. Stay in sight of each other ready to engage anything immediately as soon as it fires at friendly. Scan all areas enemy could possibly come from or shoot you to see the enemy first. In woodland terrain every man gets his own tree that provides camouflage, same for urban terrain with pillars/corners/cars or desert with berm sectors.

-When building FOBs for the edge of a cap zone build the FOB 100 meters out of the edge of cap then place the assets 100 meters in on a good defensible edge. Spread out the assets over a 100 meter wide line or half circle due to the mortars having a 50 meter deviation spread. It appears mortars land exactly where 3+ men are in a foxhole rather than 2. This way you all cant be hit, so for the foxhole that every HMG/TOW/AA gets 1 man in the foxhole, one on the asset ready to jump in.

-The man with LAT in your squad should have freedom of movement around your squad to engage the enemy armor that comes along, LAT volunteers are usually experienced regulars who you just need to have faith in. Your regular infantry might be un-able to follow the simplest order like "throw ONE smoke far as you can to inch up to throw the next" etc. Let alone listen to spread out away from critical kits of squad members in other rooms along with not standing up against middle of windows.

-A mine that friendly will step on before enemy is a wasted mine and wasted time. Don't place mines on main access points friendly will head to first. Place the mines in camouflage away from where reasonable friendlies would exposed them selves to farther away from the sector friendlies should be spread out in for defense. Place the mines in places that no regular friendly un-aware of his exposure to enemy can make it to and back from without cover or the concealment of camouflage.

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16th post of Grump/Gump.45 tips/methods to try inspired by the "Squad Teamwork Playlist" look it up on YouTube or click the link

-When you need to cross a wide open area from a covered position to get to a critical location like the edge of a covered objective use smoke grenades managed properly. 2 initial smoke grenades from ONE man only to start, he runs out far to throw them then runs back or takes cover till the next are up. 2nd man goes past the smoke to throw his far and spreading them out where no cover is. Medics use their smokes on wider areas while under fire.

-When waiting for the enemy, looking for enemy or any other situation talk and joke around without being next to each other or looking at each other. Focus your visual where enemy could come from and don't be in the same spot enemy could shoot you at. Spread out before the enemy shows up and quit messing around in squad chat once fighting starts to clear comms for bearing direction/distance/description call outs and squad leader radio chat. Maintain spread at all times.

-Shoot and suppress the enemy into the field of view (FOV) of other friendlies if you cant target the enemy bodies. Shoot on one side of the enemy to get them to run out and into FOV of other friendlies, area attack/mortar target zones or laze zones. Manipulate the enemy with aggressive fire that snaps by them but leave them an exit into a friendlies sector they have visually covered.

-To manage your sprint bar to always have sprint stop sprinting at half stamina, crawl under or go around obstacles instead of jumping over them. If one man starts sprinting using his full stamina bar at the same starting point as you and you save half of yours, by the time your stamina bar has fully recovered his will be out or recovering from zero. Use this method to get in front of and lead noobs with your full bar.

-Be aware of what your enemy sees and is aware of existing on the same plain of existence you are all subjectively experiencing. If you see enemy dot just sitting there he is probably already looking at you. Just anticipate once you saw that dot that the enemy already saw you, more times than not while doing this the round will hit right where you were sitting. Move to a new spot because the enemy will anticipate you to pop back up to same point of aim.

-Don't move in front of people shooting, many people eventually learn to not stand up against windows or ledges while shooting so they stand back to only be seen from their target zone. Move behind the lines of people shooting and be mindful of where others are aiming while not shooting.

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