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✪(SSG) English Public Squad Sever✪ (SSG) Community is Recruiting

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Clan Tag: (SSG) 

Clan Name: (SSG) Special Service Group: Multi Gaming Clan

Clan Website: 
SSG Multi Gaming Clan:  https://www.ssg-clan.com/

Teamspeak 3 (SSG) Teamspeak 3: ts.ssg-clan.com

(SSG) Discord Address: 

Language: English

Location: International: We accept people from all around the world




Servers: "(SSG) [HardCore | Fighters] EU~#1"

We are a Multi-Gaming clan, our team is based on,

| Squad | Arma 3| Battlefield |


(SSG) What is this


(SSG) Special Service Group is a Military Based Clan that Values Structure,
Teamwork and Discipline. We have an understanding of Military Structure and Procedure. 
We are looking for great members that will have fun with us and is active.We can perhaps give you what you want and what you need to enjoy your gaming experience to the full.. If you are not registered with (SSG) Please register for member access, We also have clan applications open if you intrested in being in (SSG)

Prefarably 16+
Discord or TeamSpeak 3
Being Active on forum + server


Join us On:
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links updating

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Ya if u r looking for team play , mixed with a friendly environment. Where fun beats stress . We are the group U wona be with.

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Announcement (SSG) Squad Server Rules
  1. At all times Players and Admins are expected to act with integrity and treat each other with respect.
  2. Listen and obey Squad Leaders, Commanders, and the Admins at all times.
  3. The game is not solely about your K/D or Score. Grabbing assets or snipers and going lone wolf does not exhibit teamwork or maturity.
2. General:
  1. Racism, haterage and abuse is strictly prohibited.
  2. Cheating, glitching, hacking is forbidden.
  3. No usage of names that are derogatory and frivolous.
  4. No disrespecting of SSG staff, admins, members, supporting admins and other groups as well as other players in the server.
  5. No server advertisements and other clans, only in case if it has been approved by the server staff.
  6. Every ban is discussed between admins and their opinions about it, ban appeal can be fulfilled here: (Squad Ban Appeal)
  7. Any form of trolling and stupidity will not be tolerated as well as end round team killing.
  8. If you are inactive in server, you will be kicked in case server reaches it's player limit.
3. Communication & VOIP
  1. Do not spam chat (all chat, team chat, squad chat) and voice chat intentionally.
  2. No arguing and insulting.
  3. All squad leaders must  have a microphone.,
  4. Squad Leaders must communicate in English language.
  5. Swearing is tolerated up to certain level.
4. Squads
  1. Squads should not contain any offensive names in their name.
  2. Squad Leaders have right to kick any member of their squad at any time.
  3. Do not create a squad unless you intend on leading it. (if you create a squad and disband or hand over leadership).
  4. Locked squads must have at least 4 players or more to be locked.
  5. Always ask your squad leader what kit is required.
  6. Duplicating of squads is not allowed.
5. Assets & claiming
  1. Vehicles must be crewed by the minimum required amount of personnel to be used. Soloing vehicles that require more than one crew-member is not allowed. If the vehicle loses a crew member, then it is allowed to be soloed back to the main.
  2. Heavy assets can only be used if there are more than 40 active players on the server, unless stated otherwise by an admin. The heavy asset list includes:
                            - IFVs/APCs
                            -SPG & Rocket Technical
           Following are the allowed names for squads that claim heavy assets.
            -This squad can only claim tanks.
           -This squad can claim APCs and IFVs.
           -This squad can claim SPG and Rocket Technicals
           -This squad can only claim Mortars, cannot be locked with less than 5 players.
6. Gameplay
  1. Camping, attacking or blocking (by means of mines etc.) an enemy’s ‘main base’ or ‘Dome of Death’ or ‘uncappable’ flag is strictly forbidden.
  2. You must be a minimum of 300m away at all times (unless the first cap is within 300m at which point it will fall to Admins decision).
  3. 'Ghosting’, or reporting your team’s location, ticket count or assets to the enemy is forbidden.
  4. Sabotaging your team is forbidden.
  5. Deliberate Team-killing is forbidden. Accidents (blue-on-blue) can happen and will be excused on the first occasion. Repeated accidentals will be considered deliberate.
  6. No Building FOBS on rooftops unless it has direct access by stairs or ladder.
  7. Road killing is strictly not allowed, only if it happens accidentally.
  8. Typing ‘Suicide’ and/or ‘Respawn’ into console for a gameplay advantage is not allowed. It is only allowed if you are stuck or trapped inside a map and cannot move around.
  9. If a vehicle is abandoned on the battlefield, then it may be claimed by another squad.
  10. Light assets such as logistics truck or transport truck are based on first come first serve basis.
  11. Wasting of assets is not allowed and can lead up to reassignment or being removed from the server.
  12. Ramming vehicles and suicide tactics are not allowed.
  13. You are not allowed to build any deployables on rooftops that cannot be reached by stairs or ladders, no building inside "Dome of Death" and in Main Bases.
7. Seeding
  1. Capture every flag up to the middlemost contestable flag(s).
  2. Do not advance beyond the middlemost contestable flag(s).
  3. Do not place FOBs within 200 meters of the middlemost contestable flag(s).
  4. Do not advance on the enemy FOBs.
  5. Do not advance on uncontestable enemy flag(s).
  6. If there is an admin available, they will dictate which flag is the object of contest.
  7. If you attack and gain a flag then you stay and hold it instead of advancing.
8. Reporting
  1. Raise the issue in-game to an admin who is online – do not continually spam or harass an admin.
  2. Reports can also be forwarded on our website in the support forum: report player/admin.
  3. Every rule is made for everyone to follow.
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Great community with friendly attitude and clear ideas about how to play. Looking forward to cooperate more in the future!

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On 1/18/2019 at 9:49 PM, Crotalo said:

Great community with friendly attitude and clear ideas about how to play. Looking forward to cooperate more in the future!

thank you so much dear @crotalo we are also looking for some good people like you.

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On 2/6/2020 at 1:26 AM, RaNa-Rocxs said:



Welcome to the (SSG) server you all, we hope everyone's enjoying his stay in our SSG server. please share your feedback with us to improve the server and game play quality on, | Visit (SSG) Website www.ssg-clan.com | Discord : discord.me/ssg1

SSG Administration team


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