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Why I dont want Helicopters

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On 12/26/2018 at 11:30 PM, TheRed said:

1. I think rush mechanic will always remain where there is a series layout.


2. Area denial is a legitimate tactic, but it shouldn't be so simple as getting to one place first.

1. i believe the "rush" is a natural consequence that nobody will be able to stop, in any game that is objective based, has the entire team spawn in one (general) area and, most importantly, demands that they get to the first objective as soon as possible. i don't believe it is entirely related to game modes of a serial/linear nature - in fact from what i've seen from the early days in Squad i can say without hesitation that the field-of-neutral-caps is what caused the meta to even be a thing in the first place - the whole "rush to block the enemy at it's own gates" kinda thing. but "rushing" has been discussed numerous time in here, to no end.

2. yes it is and is indeed not so simple, but still what most peeps will do anyway because their alternatives are thin. for example: you can bombard the cap with Mortars (no need for the mortar boys to rush in) or lob shells in there using tanks (they prolly don't need to rush either) - however what does the rest of the team do apart from stand around twiddling their thumbs whilst only a small part of the team is doing area denial - of course they mount up or start running for the cap as fast as possible (ie: rush (or hurry?)) - there are alternatives but only for a few; the rest of us have to hurry (asap) in to do area denial



now to Fog-Of-War: how can fog of war really work well when you can deduce where the enemy is, reliant on peeps and SL's spotting and making enemies known to the rest of the squad and team of course. it would take only a couple of peeps scouting around to quickly find the enemies current location(s) and thus the most likely location of the next cap.


did someone say helicopters? they should be a thing and will be. there are already counters for them in the game and they are (will be?) pretty delicate flowers. i really don't understand why peeps would think they will be too-much for Squad.

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“Rush B syka” Will always be there and tryin to block flags as well.But if the team is any good no rush can stop them or whatever.

Until the team caps point by point flag by flag and all in the best case which i am more fan of is fighting for the middle flag until the end game.But thats if the teams are good there is nothing choppers or tanks or anything can do.

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Obviously, some haven´t played JointOps/DeltaForce/BHD,  But we need "Satchel Charges C4" so we can drop them on a Nading Nub or on a Tank/vehicle and watch them GO Boom... "XFunFactor"





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