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Thermite grenades in game

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Hello guys,

Last game I played, I had little "covert-ops" squad, we crawled our way to flank enemy FOB. When we got in we encountered vehicle behind sandbag cover, ATGM and some HMG emplacements. 

Since we were a small squad we couldnt take them on, so we tried diversion and to deconstruct some things. Short story, after all effort and crawling they heard us when we begun shoveling and killed us :(.

So I was wondering if it could be possible to give Squad Leader or some other role "Thermite tactical grenade", which we use in insurgency, for situations when you can't be loud. Place it on HMG or ATGM to destroy it. Place it on logi truck to damage its engine, use it to destroy ammo crate, or at least reduce ammo points when placed on it, and things like that...

But nerf it so you can't 1 shot FOB radio or maybe make it impossible to use on that, make it ineffective against HABs, Tanks, APCs  etc...


What do you think ? :) 



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I believe the folks working on the Destruction game mode had something similar planned as part of the game objectives, though the further you get from a standard infantry squad, the less likely it is to appear in Squad. Given the limited use for it (though an absolutely GREAT use of thermite) means it would be a lower priority addition, but certainly a possibility down the line.

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