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When are you going to fix that loading issues

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Ok I understand this game is early access or something but come on stop putting new sounds to game and fix this unstandable long loading screens. Maybe not everbody has this issue but at leas %10-5 of players is having problem with this. Lets start at joining server. Why the hell am I waiting for 10 mins for invalid password ? 

Let the player know wrong password before the loading screen , dont let them go into loading screen and wait 10 min for invalid password or when you cant connect the server (idk why) the game tells me connection timed out but this issue may not be able to fix.


I think we need a new kind of loading. Like source engine's garry's mod or half life. Because at them we can see which progress is going on or we can cancel. You may say unreal engine cant do that but at least unreal engine can make the game not crash when we press alt+tab or shift+tab When this game is at loading screen , it is just blocking every other action on the pc. 


For shorter version:

Put invalid password before the loading screen.

Fix your too long loading time which came after v12

And if you can do a better loading screen that wont block every action on pc or doesnt make game crash.

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You should be able to download and test the Squad - Public Testing app today: 

We'll be rolling it into a hotfix for the main branch as soon as we've confirmed the fixes... fixed it. Our apologies for the trouble and downtime, but we are working hard to resolve the issue!

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