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Gaming Mouse causing massive FPS Drops

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Hey there,

my Gaming mouse (Zowie FK1) is causing massive Frames Drops when moving the mouse.
At Jensens Range for example the frames drop from ~80fps to 30-40fps while moving the mouse.
The frame drops appear even in the Squad menu.
My cheap Logitech M325 Mouse has no such problems.
My old Roccat Kova+ gaming Mouse has the same Framedops as well (but not so intense).
So buying a new mouse might not fix it.
Didn't had this Trouble with V11 (I had an older GPU at this time as well, so not conclusive that the Version is the problem.)

I tried so far:
* tested different mouse types
* all dpi settings by both gaming mice

* win 10 mouse sensitity change

* ingame sensitity change
* Squad Cache cleared several times (manually and by the ingame option)
* reinstalled squad
* updated win 10 and mouse drives (FK1 is a plug and play mouse, while the Roccat Kova has real drivers)
* changed between USB 2 & 3 Ports (Rear and Front)
* different Graphic settings (low and high, AA off and on)

My Rig:

1.) Zowie FK1 (framedrops)
2.) Roccat Kova(+) (framedrops)
3.) Logitech M325 (no framedrops)

CPU: Intel i5 4750
RAM:DDR3 16GB 1600-999 Ripjaws K2 GSK (4*4 Gb)
250Gb Samung Evo SSD (Win 10 and Squad are on this drive)
MB: MSI H87M-G43 H87 RG SM
Auna USB Mic
no USB Hubs pluged in

So, any suggestions to fix the frame drops?
Is there some mouse raw input option in squad?
Thx, in Advance.

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