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/Spurs_au: Squad Events HUB: Tactical Tuesdays

Favorite Tactical Tuesday so far...  

  1. 1. What has been your favorite Tactical Tuesday to date?

    • Week 1: T//A Ops [BB] AoN - vs - Docs Fat SigTac RANDMS
    • Week 2: Docs FaT - vs - SigTac BGK T//A
    • Week 3: FS SigTac AoN BGK - vs - T//A [BB] CIGAR
    • Week 5: T//A Fat BGK - vs - SigTac FS Aon
    • Week 6: T//A FS FaT - vs - SigTac DREAD BGK
    • Week 7: T//A FaT - vs - FS BGK

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Hi All!


We've been running some fun scrimmages through Squad Events HUB each Tuesday Night at 8:30pm EST called Tactical Tuesdays. We're now seven weeks into it and it shows no sign of slowing down. It's been a good opportunity for some of the competitive and social clans to get together and learn from one another playing with and against clans they may not have had the opportunity to play with to date.


Feel free to check out the previous casts @ https://www.twitch.tv/spurs_au or on Youtube at: 



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