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Squad v12 running really bad

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My specs

Ryzen R5 1400

8gb ram

Gtx 1050Ti


In this version i have to play at the lowest setting of the game (720p),i tried everything that can improve fps,the game crash everytime i join any server, I saw the other people play 50fps (idk about the resolution) with the older version(idk which version) just with i5 4460,8gb ram,and gtx 960 2gb


What is wrong ? Or is it just the v12 is so bad ?

Tell me how to fix this thing,i clean the cache everytime i wanna play this game


Just suggest

Improve the optimization first before add some stuff at the game,stuff that you give to the game still not gonna fun if the game so laggy,so much crash, and the other issue,it just make people mad at this game

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There are some performance issues, and loading time issues in V12, the next patch hopefully fixes this, since the devs said they're working on it.

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