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V12 issues - RP and INS Game mode

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God I hate the new ammo setup. One essentially must spawn at a FOB or forever be significantly handicapped. Your LAT/HAT is next to useless without a FOB. I get the idea behind it... but when vehicles take so much to get rid of them as it is... not having these kits spawn with ammo, or your rifleman getting a fresh ammo bag (or a bigger bag)... your RP basically turns into a 1-2 shot attempt, and then you have to abandon it for a FOB due to a lack of ammo. This is even more so when the enemy gets the number of vehicles they do. And when the maps are so big (most seem to be getting bigger), or you're playing on Sumari or OP First Light where just moving a vehicle around is a major pain in the ass (good luck dealing with mines or stealth), you basically get your attempt... maybe a second one... and then are done.


And it's even worse in INS game mode, when the SL (even when spawning at MAIN) doesn't spawn with a ****ing incendiary grenade. Twice now I've gotten onto caches only to realize that I forgot to reload at main to get that specific and very needed item. The first time I didn't even think about it until I realized I didn't have it, and the 2nd I just plain forgot because who needs to reload when they spawn at MAIN! Also, INS just seems completely broken. The insurgents can spawn with full ammo on the cache and it doesn't seem like there's a cool down timer when enemy (RUS/USA/UK) forces get close to it. I've had half my squad outside the building looking into windows at a cache only to have so many INS spawning on it, that they blocked the nade I tossed to burn the cache.

The game mode is a fun concept... but it's really broken right now. And while the 60 minute time limit is fine... it taking what... 6 minutes for a new cache to spawn after you killed the old one seems wrong. Especially when added in with the issues in the game mode. I've lost more games due to the timer running out then running out of tickets.

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you should post this in 'suggestion' not the 'question' forum but anyway:


while I do agree that vehicle and INS gamemode is clearly still have room to improve.


I think the other thing what the dev implement in this patch is excellent, RP is suppose to be a rally point. 1-2 attemp for atking an objective is sound reasonable if it fail then you fallback to nearest FOB that have ammo crate on it and R&R your squad while revise your strategy isn't that sound good?


isn't bigger map mean more room to mannuver? everybody else also seem to appreciate the bigger me or is it just me? lol

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