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After 12 years in PR and Arma some suggestions from experience

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Hello all


I m an old player of almost any realistic-tactical game. Also new here (1 week).

I would like to say that SQUAD have the potential to be a real good realistic-tactical game. Developers have to think this: Why  such an old game like PR (project reality) have so many fans and servers are full every day for so many years ?  . Becouse it is the ONLY game (mod) that succeed to create a realistic (and at the same time funny and playable) balance who keep the interest high almost every time. So do not let SQUAD to be another childish arcade game like "run and shoot". There are so many of them out there. My suggestions are :


1) the "rally point" system is bit weird. Squad leaders can change position of rally points very often. This create a mess. You defend a position and you know that enemy is attacking from the west (just an example). In 2-3 min the same (attacking) squad is attacking from the east becouse they changed rally point position. All people are running in all directions all the time. No strategy at all. It makes the game somehow more arcade without any tactical strategy. I think Project reality is more realistic in this issue. However it is very good that rally points do not have ammo resupply. Maybe to focus on FOBs (with more often reapwn of logi trucks) instead of rally points.


2) Vehicles (especially cars) should not have the same speed when they are moving out of the maps' roads. Roads, bridges, hills etc, are strategic points in real world. If a car can go everywhere from anywhere then roads , bridges etc are just decorative elements and nothing more. I suggest that when a car (not a  tank/apc) move out a normal map road to move with decreased (lower). This issue never solved at PR and Arma as well. 


3) The FOB system and ammo storage is much clever than this in PR. You have to count crates and ammunition points. I find it clever and FOBs have to be more critical than rally points.


4) I also think that speed of soldiers may have to be decreased a bit. To have a sense of more realistic movement. Transport vehicles and cars have to be used for transportation. This is why they exist.


Some additions that will boost the game to the top :


1) Add helicopters. At first only transport helicopters.


2) Since many maps are in middle east. We need a middle east army fraction. Like MEC, or Iranian army, or Syrian Army, or whatever. To see USA vs Russia in a middle east map is somehow strange. Not bad, but not the best.


3) Commander Role. Like Project reality would be a great addition as well.


Thats all for now.


Thanks :)

Make this game great

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I won't respond to all your points, but:


2] This was just implemented in v12! Pretty cool, huh?


4] I would rather reduce acceleration than reduce top movement speed. There will be a public outrage if movement speed is reduced any more.



All your additions will be happening in the future. :)

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