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Want to join a group of people who have fun while they play and believe in teamwork to win? Want to be able to laugh again and hope you don't get blown away by an Abrams or T-72? Then you've come to the right place. We are a fairly newer group but if you're interested, simply reply here if you want or look below to join the official discord and let the admins or another member of [TSS] know you're interested.


There are are a few requirements to join:


Age - 18+
Speak English
Have Discord - Click here for our Discord

Don't be a jerk

Active at least once a week

HAVE FUN - It is a game



Once you've indicated your interest to be apart of the official team, there will be a brief trial period before officially joining happens. This is to protect the group's integrity as well as the other members/player. We also understand that life happens, so you won't be kicked for being inactive occasionally. 


We also have our own server: [TSS] Invasion & RAAS Glory Dome, check it out!!!

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im interested in joining your group, i have a discord account, but can't seem to access yours through the link. my discord account is named nozmay may i have link invite to your discord channel?

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