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Game freezing when loading into server

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I just got the new update for squad but whenever I try and get into a game the game will freeze not allow me to alt f4 or bring up task manager so I have to physically turn off my computer. this just started happening after this update I tried validating my game files updating my drivers and everything but nothing seems to work it's still just freezes. Any thoughts on what I should do? It was working completely fine before this update.


OS: windows 10

CPU: i7 4790k 

Gpu: MSI GTX 1050 ti 

RAM: 8gb 


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Join the queue mate, they stitched alot of us users up.

Seems to be linked to an end of year or quick cash Grab due to a major Update via a free Weekend..


Hope they see poor results (DL/Purchases) due to this

Really pissed now aye, as I just want to play

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On 11/11/2018 at 12:49 AM, B3NN1TH said:

Looks like they pushing a patch, hol' up ...

500MB worth ..

Fixed the texture streaming issues for me, no longer have incredibly blurry textures with pre-loading option off. (Still need to test belaya though)


Server timeouts and DCing has not been fixed. In fact, it seems worse now. Before, I could join after three attempts on the same server. Now, it just doesn't happen. Ill give it another go tonight, but if that doesn't work i think ill be uninstalling and waiting for a new hotfix or 12.1

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