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Tanks mechanics error and M1A2 errors

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I will divide my post in 2 part, one about tanks mechanics, second about the M1 Abrams.


I - Mechanics


1 - LRF (Laser Range Finder).

a) First in reality it's not always firing, there is just some exceptions but IT'S NEVER ALWAYS FIRING. So instead give us a permanent firing LRF, why just not put it on Right Mouse Button.

b) LRF actually doesn't care about smoke screen and give us the distance where we are aiming at. In reality it will not works, it is one goal of smoke screen to disrupt LRF.

c) Gunner DO NOT make zeroing adjustment themself when they use LRF and FCS is working properly, so when we use LRF we should have our shell falling "exactly" where we are aiming.

2 - Smoke grenade discharger

a) Why give it to the gunner ? In reality almost all tanks and rest of AFV, smoke grenade discharger command is for commander only, he is the vehicle men's suppremacy and tactical commander of the vehicle. So smoke grenade discharger should been removed from gunner and given to tank and vehicle commander.


II  - M1 Abrams 


1) 3D Model. I know that developpers scanned M1 / M1A1 tank but render model of the ingame M1A2 is very poor. First of all, M1A2 is not yet used by US Army and ARNG, M1A2 SEP v1 / M1A2A shouldn't been used too, so M1A2 SEP v2 / M1A2B is the minimum version and most common M1A2 you should encounter. So we'll take M1A2 SEPv2 as a requirement for Squad. So here what's going wrong with 3D model.


a) ICWS (Improved Commander Weapon Station), is only found on M1A2 when M1 and M1A1 are using CWS (Commander Weapon Station) and some of M1A1 SCWS (Stabilized Commander Weapon Station). The 3D render of commander cupola is a CWS wich is totally wrong, we should have an ICWS.


b) Rear turret basket. All modern M1 abrams has extension on their turret basket. The ingame model doesn't have it.


c) EAPU (External Auxiliary Power Unit), is an APU wich was ONLY used on M1A1 versions and M1A2 first version. From M1A2 SEP, the EAPU is removed and there is the VCSU. In the ingame model it has the EAPU and not the VCSU.


d) UAAPU (Under Armor Auxiliary Power Unit) with the removal of the EAPU, the M1A2 SEP lacked of auxiliary power, that's why they introduced an UAAPU on M1A2 SEPv1. This UAAPU was positionned in place of the rear left fuel tank. This non reliable APU was rapidly replaced by additionnal batteries on SEPv1 and v2, and replaced again by a true UAAPU on M1A2 SEPv3. In the ingame model we have the left rear fuel tank so no UAAPU.


e) On M1A2 SEPv2, we have a TIP (Tank Infantry Phone), a Thermal DRVC (Driver's Rear View Camera) and a plug for jump start, place on the rear right. In the ingame model we do not have these.


f) Loader M240 shield. These are not straight, but are sloped. In the ingame model we do not have these.


2) M1 Abrams mechanics


a) Like standard mechanics, M1A2 smoke grenade discharger are only used by Tank Commander, so remove it from the gunner and give it to commander.


b) Tank Commander Screen is not good. M1A2 SEPv2 use a CDU (Commander Displayer Unit) wich have 2 parts : CITV  (Commander Independant Thermal Viewer)  view on the top and CTP (Commander Tactical Pannel) view on the bottom. Ingame the M1A2 Commander screen is an import displayer of the standard CROWS. We should have a standard CDU screen with the CITV on the top and used as hunter killer and sighting device, and the CTP with CROWS displayer on the bottom. The commander should switch control between the both like other vehicles weapons (mouse wheel). The CITV is the actual tank commander sight of the M1A2, it is used for the hunter-killer feature. CROWS is never used as a sight, its stabilizators are even always disable because to much fragile on M1 Abrams and its easiest to shoot a target with CROWS when it is aligned with gun. CITV should be a standard CITV sight with stada, which permits to choke targets IRL without lasing it.


c) M1A2 LRF, when only used in standard way by the gunner, it doesn't show the decimal. so we'll never see for example 1234 meters, but 1230.


d) M1A2 gunner sight. Gunner actually doesn't see the tank gun, or a very little bit when lased a moving target, but that's all. Ingame gunner clearly see the gun, so the sight perspective is wrong.


e) when switching from gun to M240C and switching back, gun is reloading even if it was reloaded before. A same error as UGL rifles grenade launcher, wich should be removed quickly.


f) in reality, shell are never removed from the gun without particular precautions. So when switching shell type, we should't reload if there is one ammo loaded in the gun.


g) The loader should be able to turn in.


h) Hope to see M830A1 MPAT in air mode when chopper will appear, at this moment you'll be able to use permanent LRF, but only in this case on M1A2.


i) like said in model parts, M1A2 SEPv2 use a rear view camera. T72B3 variant (I guess 2016) used it too, so why not implement rear view camera to the driver. Commander cannot turnout, so it's very difficult to commander the rear movement.


j) Why do not implement thermal sight to vehicle ? I know that a lot of people will scream and say it's for balance, but armored vehicle and of course tank are king in ground, and ATGM is a serious threat on the ground, which use thermal too. In day operation, thermal is always used for target acquisition and engagement is made on day sight, so why not put a small zoom thermal sight for research and acquisition and only day sight for zoomed optics.



That's all for right now, maybe I forgot some thing, maybe some of these things are actually integrated by developper on dev build, but it was my thoughts (:


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you have to draw the line on realism and whats fun to play, and they've done that. 

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It's been bothering me so much I made an account here. I don't really care about any of that. I'm fine with the whole balance thing. But as a real M1 tank irl i'm NOT fine with the incorrect placement of the gunner's sights.


The gunner sees the world out of the dog house on the TOP RIGHT of the turret, NOT THE BOTTOM RIGHT.


This is the only thing that has been bothering me. Everything else is whatever, the M1 would be OP as shit if it had everything it did irl. And seeing the gun in your sights is just a fun little thing for people who don't know anything about real tanks so whatever.

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