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[EU] The Coalition Server

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Welcome to the The Coalition Server (EU).


A server collaboration between Opposing Forces, Those Other Guys, Hussaria and Fire/Team.


The Coalition was formed in November 2018 by ToG, OpFor, HSR and F/T with the aim of creating a server that gives players the freedom to play in their own way and not be restricted by too many rules but use guidelines instead to keep the games balanced and fair.


Discord : https://discord.me/thecoalition
Website : https://joinsquad.ninja
Squad Forum : http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/34571-eu-the-coalition-server/
Donations: https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/89TQlG2g8t


Play Fair
- Anyone caught cheating, hacking, aimbotting, glitching or otherwise trying to counter the in-game physics or rules will be instantly banned and evidence shared with the wider community.
Play Positive
- Anyone caught intentionally sabotaging the teams objectives, including Intentionally TeamKilling, Spamming Voice Comms, wasting team assets etc will be heavily sanctioned.
Play Together
- Squad leaders must have and use microphones, no lone-wolfing, vehicles that require crewman kits require at least two people to operate, listen to your squad leaders orders. Failure to do so may result in a player being kicked.


First named vehicle squad gets priority over that vehicle (e.g. TANK Squad, Logi Squad)

Do not use Logistical Trucks as Taxis. Return them to main where possible (SLs are responsible for their usage).

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don't be confused by the discord-mapvote server-message, Squad's voting system apparently is broken currently, voting not working.

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