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Squad Ladder Questions

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Looking for community feedback. 


We are putting the question to the community as to what would be the best format for Ladder competition. Basically looking to find player vs. player counts per side that would be best suited for competitive Ladder play. Also what maps/layers/gameplay modes would be the most desired. 


We would like the community's input so that we can make something fun that the community actually wants. Rather than forcing something they don't.


We were hoping to start with a 12 vs.12 AAS ladder, using the smaller layer maps. And hopefully if there is enough teams with active members, we can add a second 18vs18 AAS ladder, and possibly larger if we get an indication that there will be enough activity to support it. 40v40 matches would be incredible, but remains to be seen if the community has the means.

We would also like to have a 9v9 infantry based ladder as well, but that is quite a small number for the current map base. That's where we hope that some map designers might be willing to help.


We would also like to create tournaments, and also involve the community on creation of those. We have free tournaments and paid entry tournaments. With various formats from round robin to single elimination.


Some of the younger generation players don't actually know what a ladder is so i will briefly explain.


Ladders are a type of competition where members play matches against each other and move up and down in the ranking as they win or lose. Ladders make 1-on-1 team based esports such as Squad, more competitive and fun. 


So please take the time to let us know what you would like to see. Tell us what format you think will work. Let us know what clans are interested in competitive play. Give us your feedback.







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