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So, I wasnt quite sure where to put this.


I just made this account so i can post on the website about one the RIP servers for Squad


I was banned, it was ages ago being i havent been able to play for quite some time, im not doubting what i was banned for, probably being a smartass knowing myself. but if its possible that i can be unbanned, could i be? i use to regularly play on the servers when i could, just happen to find myself joining that server a lot depending on the amount of players and what map


my Steam name is joeschmo, my ID for steam is my username for this account..


any help would be appreciated! 

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All of the appeal for the ban goes to the designated servers forum or discords or any means to reach them not here 

I am guessing you are looking for this?


This post is locked, in the case I have given you a wrong link to reach them please PM me.



Edit : Reached out to a staff of the server


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