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Squad Competition Ladder

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Hello Offworld,


As the title says, Squad Competition Ladder. The All For One Gaming Community has intentions of developing a competition ladder and tournament platform. Our ladder launch game will be Squad. We hope to have it ready for when Squad leaves early access. What we are trying to do is establish an environment where teams have a place to challenge each other on a weekly basis, or as frequently as they wish. We are aiming to develop a game competition community which will support as many games as we have the resources and volunteers to manage. But we will begin with Squad. Gamer's will be able to register on the community website, and from there, clan leaders will have the ability to create their own user profiles, create their clan, team pages, ladder or tournament sign up, and also create their own tournaments. 


We were seeking the support of OWI in our efforts to establish this project. By that i mean perhaps create some layers in mind that cater to smaller competition formats. We believe it will be a daunting task to field 80 players (40 per side) for a scheduled competition event. Therefore we were looking to have smaller infantry layers created for the smaller infantry based battles. We presume that some of the Squad ladders will be 10v10, 12v12, 15v15, 20v20. In the future we will put the verses questions to the Squad community and base those ladders on what the community suggests.

We would also be calling for the support of the Squad modding community to offer support in the form of some competition minded map creation. A capture the flag mod would be a really fun mode in Squad!


Down the road, we would be seeking sponsors. A relationship which would be mutually beneficial. If we can get enough support to see this through and have it be successful. We would certainly branch out into other games, and hopefully grow the community to a point where it might be a good thing to have "Brought to you by Offworld Industries" on the front page of a competition community in exchange for X.


As of now, we have just begun the development phase, and will need some time to get everything functioning and tested.....you know the drill. 


If you have any question or require additional info, please email me at [email protected]

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We do have some intentions of making smaller layers, especially with competition and seeding in mind, but that's a discussion for after alpha 12. =) With the implementation of randomized AAS, we're looking to move away from static layers, but they will still receive updates as necessary.


Do keep us in the loop on your successes though! Sponsorship may be possible down the line. =)

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