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Kickstarter Skins Not Showing Up in Steam Inventory

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I did a quick search of the forum and nothing specifically answered the question that I have so I figured I would ask it here.

I backed the game at the $70 level on Kickstarter some time ago and I got the game key but on my steam options in the game I don't see the skins appearing. I am asking this question because I saw someone on Reddit posted a picture with the skins enabled and so I was wondering if my specific game is glitched or if they are still not there as an option and they were trolling. 



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last dev response I could find

On 14.7.2017 at 3:22 PM, Odin said:

No worries. It has definitely been addressed. To summarize: there is basically a bug with the steam inventory causing the weapon skins to not render correctly in live servers. This is being addressed, but its a deeper issue than was expected. And, we will get it sorted as quickly as we can. Just know that is actively being worked on. 

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