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IMPORTANT: missing keybinds!!

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To whom it may concern; I believe there is either a bug or an unfinished piece of the game in the keybinding menu. You can change most everything at will, but there is 100% no option to change your movement binds. At the very bottom of the infantry option there are 4 options that read "none" and are set to W A S D. I do not use wasd in my shooters and it's the first thing i change always so not having this option at the moment is holding back my gameplay. If anyone knows where an option is, or has any information on this and/or an update on it I would appreciate it greatly! 

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I also don't use WASD for movement mate but do use them for other things (I have changed them). You're right about the 'none' part though which is strange. I can still edit them though (just checked) and the order is forward, back, right, left. Maybe it'a a cache clearing thing. Anyway, good luck.

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