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Remove transparent vehicle parts and VFX for vehicles at the distance

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Hi. As you might know separate translucency doesn't blend with fog and other transparent effects.

That's why you can easily spot vehicles at the distance, because of transparent parts like glass or dust effect.

It looks like dark pixels.

Here some screenshots.



This is actually an exploit.

So I suggest you:


1) Remove any transparent materials or replace them with an opaque (Unreal can do that) on LODs;

2) Disable VFX at the distance or disable separate translucency for them.


Removing translucent materials is also better for perfomance.


I'll really hope you will read this and make right conclusions.

Also if you want I can show you a shader which can calculate a size of an object compared to a screen size which can be used to blend transparent materials with an opaque. I mean synchronized with LODs. If you interested.


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This sounds like a great set of feedback... I hope it gets taken on board 

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Definitely agree! Was watching footage of v12 and the new map makes it a very apparent issue at range. I'd like to think they understand this issue and will do something about it eventually.

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