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Vehicle Suggestion

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This is a really short and simple suggestion for improving the driving mechanics 

Basically a system where you can change gears manually using the arrow keys ,or even something like t/y for up/down

Not my photo but here is a 2006 Kia Sorento Gear Selector

Image result for 2006 kia sorento gear selector"

Ignore PRND and focus on the plus and minus . In my car i'm able to move my shift lever off to the side and change to manual gear changing , right as I hit the red line for my RPM it automatically shifts up , and if I slow down It automatically shifts down. If I want to manually change gears all I have to do is tap the lever up or down and it will change the gears respectively. So when I'm approaching a hill , I shift down , and then when I pass it , I shift back up. Same thing for if I need to pass someone , I shift to 3rd slam my gas pedal and once I pass I shift back up , this gives me better acceleration in favor of a higher top speed.

I can not tell you how many times in Squad i've had to crawl up a hill because my Logistics truck decides it wants to be in 5th gear , having the ability to  drop to first on approach would greatly improve driving

I know you're implementing a system where you can "Hold" your gear if you hold down shift , but to get to the desired gear you have to kill all of your speed.

I could be completely off my rocker with this post , the game's engine might not even take gear ratios into account , it could just be a speed limiter , so being in first wouldn't help with climbing , but if it does this would be an amazing feature

There's my rant , sorry for the oddly specific example it's what gave me this idea, hope you implement SOME system to make hills easier to climb.

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The manual gear system in cars is far better then fully automatic gearbox.

The only automatic gearbox thats ok is the sequential one nothing more (thats the one in trucks mostly) one up its one gear up two taps up and its two gears up same goes as to lower the gears but sometimes the sequential gearbox will not do what you want to do.

Thats the reason manual gearbox are he best ones.

But yeah i think with the shift key in game thy will do a lot of good things.

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27 minutes ago, embecmom said:

I thought they were adding something like that in the new update?

I have read it but when i give the beta a test on training ground it did not work the shift key that is.

It would be bad ass to cruse with T-72 B3 ;-) and fire ;-)

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