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Just want to address some connection problems

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So first of all I would like to say hi to all Squad (and Post Scriptum) players, I'm fairly new to the forum but I was playing Squad for over 2 years now, a question I wanted to ask everyone here is, is everyone getting high latency in Squad? or is it just me, I play mostly on EU servers ranging from 70-80 ping, but when I actually enter the game it goes way up to 130-200 ping followed with a lot of lag. Am I the only one suffering from this? I play fine on all of my other games but Squad is really unbearable sometimes.

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This is the same for me.


I get more than double the ping in squad than I do in any other game and the ping and response of the game is very unstable.


This wont fix it but building a case might get us some help. 

Try this:

  1. Find the server ip of your best performing server, you can get an IP from the Steam Server browser.
  2. Open a command prompt in Windows, Press Windows Key then type "cmd" and hit enter.
  3. Type ping -t then the server IP without the port, eg "ping -t", this will constantly send pings and display responses to the server.     
    You will see: 
    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from bytes=32 time=21ms TTL=117
  4. Leave it running (you would press CTRL C to stop it) and join that server and play for a little while, watch your ping a bit. ALT tab and compare to ping at CMD prompt


I can maintain a stable 40ms to all other games and to the game server, but in game my ping shows as over 130 most of the time and jumps in range by over 60ms almost constantly. This makes gameplay very hard for me. The strange part, the ping stays relatively stable in the CMD prompt even while jumping wildly in game.


I play on Win 64, i5, 970/980ti cant remember and lots of ram. have tried:

  • A brand spanking new laptop, my work one is i9 with a 1080ti.
  • Reinstalling.
  • Repeated flushing of caches and profiles.
  • Messing with the steam max pings in browser stuff
  • Wired, wireless, short cables, long cables, total lockdown so only squad is able to access the router.
  • Glaring at the ISP employees (they visit my area a lot)


I think this might be related to my ISP and ports.

  • I wonder if BT (UK's worst ISP) is routing the traffic differently for Squad than it does for other games?
  • I am changing ISP as soon as they build some new lines. (I am 5 mins drive from the centre of a large city but am considered "Rural" in the UK. )

I am willing to pay for a solution....


@DanteZeroDo you have similar setups we could narrow this down too?

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Well seeing how I got a brand new CPU exclusively for Squad, a core i5 8600 that runs at 4Ghz and the game is still unplayable, network speaking of course. My specs are pretty decent starting off with a:

Intel core i5 8600, 16Gb of RAM, GTX 1060 3gb. So the PC is capable of handling the game just fine 

Also tried reinstalling multiple times, switched ISP's and routers, disabled any sort of overlay I could on my desktop but it still won't budge.


Now Network speaking I'm paying here for 100Mbpr which is quite a lot and in ALL of my games

I reach 60-80 ping (which in my case is normal) but something in squad is really conflicting with my connection to the game,

this is just a theory (I'm not an expert) but I get the feeling that the thing that eats half of the connection in the game is some sort of software installed inside the game files that requires to stay online, like the Ant-cheat software. seeing how this is just a hunch I feel that could also be something else.

What do you think suds?



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Apologies, my response won't be super fleshed out because I'm typing on my phone. 


The reason you see the disparity is not because of anything nefarious, and you don't have to worry about contacting your isp or anything. 


What you see when you ping servers is a simple ICMP response, generally with very small packets. Like an acknowledgement. So essentially the response is sent within nano/milli seconds of it reaching the server. So it is basically just going to tell you how long it takes packets to get to and back from the server 


This is not the case with how squad displays your ping. Squad displays ping as round trip time plus server side processing delay. This means that as the server gets more loaded (more players etc) the response time from the server will rise (assuming it's not a super computer that could brute force 200 players without processing delay). So in turn, as the server gets busier, everyone's "ping" rises. 


Think of it like the difference of being in a discord channel and saying your friend's name, and they almost immediately reply "yeah?"... Versus sending the same person a poem you just wrote and asking for their opinion. The response time will be longer in the latter case, right? Now if five people each do the same (for both cases), you can see how the "response time" will rise quickly for each additional person in the second case versus the first. 


Go to an empty server in your region and you should have a ping much closer to your regular command prompt ping. Not exactly the same  but not 100+ms

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Ahh I see, it's clearer now! thanks for explaining this! and I got to take my hat off for you for that Ichigo profile pic, it's rare finding Bleach fans these days!

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I just built my new pc together..mainly for squad and insurgency. I mostly start with a ping of 60.. later on it goes up between 120 and 300...unplayable lags. Then i am forced to quit the game.


I checked my system to make sure there are absolutly no downloads running in the background and the game is not blocked by my firewall.


I also changed the cable going to the router and switched off all wifi in the area to disable downloads.


Insurgency and doom were good playable with a ping between 50 and 70. It was very nice and enjoyable.


I'd like to get back to squad! Today i uninstalled steam with all games. Tomorrow i will reinstall squad and give it a try!


But it somehow has to do something with the game. I will report after the next test.

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Where all the other players have a ping of 30-100 mine will display as about 80 in game when server is running smoothly.

I am very aware of server load because I see all the pings float up and down, I watch my ping a lot...during server load mine will double or triple while others only double. 

My ping is always floating up and down while others remain pretty stable. Unless updates to my own ping are displayed to the me differently to other players pings I am pretty sure it is not related to the server.


I would expect 40-60 ping on the servers I play on in the EU region. My ping can reach as low as 60 at times but is always 40 when pinged from the command prompt.


I have just started messing with graphics settings to try and reduce CPU load, mine sits pretty high at 80-90%.


Any tips to reduce CPU load would be good, nothing seems to make any noticeable difference.

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