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Can I run Squad on my PC?

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No, just no. 

Your system is well below minimum requirements. You'd be looking at 20-30fps if lucky and at those frames the game is just not enjoyable in the least. 
I'm not the best resource for this, but comparing it to my own rig with oc:d I52500K (minimum req cpu) and a 960 (a little above minimum gpu) and I'm rocking 50-70fps on mostly low, I can't see yours fairing very well. 

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Hey This is what I looked up for ya

First of all this is the requirement for Squad 

Steam Requirement.JPG


Instead of telling you what is better because this and that, I will just post these links comparing your rigs to the requirements. 


Sadly, your system is well below the minimum requirement and you will mostly not get 'great' fps





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