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Very rarely does a game I do not own get my attention and help me see how good the game is, but squad has do just that good job guys

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Ha yeah where have you been? 



When hen I see shit like bf doing the same old shit over and over and getting worse at it!! It really piss’s me off 


to make a game that isn’t just for the masses of retards just to make money that’s takes some doing 


yes it’s painfully slow process yes it has bugs and stuff isn’t finished but even in the state it is at the present moment squad blows everything else out of the water by a long long way 


it’s still a massive lottery if you’re a public player and one you don’t win all that often and when you do you’re only play squad at like 60 % potential!!! 


Squad is best served in a clan and especially in a clan v clan match 

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