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What are the rally point encroachment delay distances & values?

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I would like to know all the specification of the rally point mechanic please when it comes to adding spawn delay for each enemy nearby.


What is the maximum distance that 1 enemy adds up to the spawn delay


Is it also different values for different distances like 10 sec of delay when much closer like within 50m and only 5 sec when further than 50m and up to 100m ??


What's the maximum range that enemy adds a spawn delay to the rally point.


And also if there are any changes to the delay encroachment penalties in the new update then how much of penalties are going to be in the new update or will it be the same ?

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+RP do not have the spawn time increase, only the HAB (FOB actually) has this in A11

A12 will replace HAB spawn time increase by a new Over run mechanic, which will disable the spawnpoint if 2+ enemy get within X distance to the HAB.

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