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Blood Bound Event

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Blood Bound is hosting a Hold the Fort event on Saturday the 6th of October at 19:00 UTC

The rules for the event are: Defending Team Goals: The defending team must eliminate all of the attackers or stop their radio from being dug up for 30 minutes. Startup: 1. The defenders must choose a location for their FOB from the list given and set it up, they have 10 minutes to do so. 2. You can build with absolutely anything you want but you may not use glitches or exploits. (This includes putting radios inside of walls, etc). Rules: 1. Stay within your radius of your FOB (150m) 2. After the startup timer ends, you can still build with what supplies you have but you may not return to main in order to gather more.


Attacking Team Goals: The attacking team must either eliminate all of the defenders (0 tickets) or dig down the defender’s radio within 30 minutes. Startup: You must wait for 10 minutes until you are allowed to start attacking the enemy FOB. Scouts are allowed to spawn after 5 minutes in order to begin looking for the FOB but they must not attack it. Rules: 1. You are allowed to set up attacking FOBs but you may not have any emplacements. 2. You may not place an FOB/HAB within or near (200m) of the defender’s FOB. 3. Small squads may be merged with others to preserve gameplay.


How To Join 1.) Join up on the Squad Events Hub: https://discord.gg/VnahkPk 2.) Get your Clan Representative to sign up on the #sign-ups page (and follow the instructions there)

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